Content Editor - Notes

The Content Editor is used to view and edit the content of a region. All regions in Amped Studio are "hybrid", meaning they can contain both audio and note content in the same region. Double click a region to open it in the Content Editor and select the Note Editor tab to edit notes.

In the Note Editor you use the same tools available in the Controls Bar. Double click in the note view to add a new note and change the length of the note by dragging on the right side of it. You can also draw in new notes with the Pen Tool and split notes using the Split Tool.

CTRL or CMD click on a key in the piano roll to select all notes on that key.

On the left side of content editor you find the inspector and a button to view the velocity editing window. It opens up in the bottom of the Note Editor and is also resizable if needed. Selecting a note will select its velocity handle and vice versa. Drag a velocity handle up or down to increase or decrease the velocity of that note. You can also select several notes or handles to change the velocity of several notes at once. With several notes selected you can also increase or decrease the dynamic difference in velocity between all notes. To do this click and drag the velocity handles left or right.

You can also use the Pen Tool to draw in velocity changes. With no notes selected you can draw in your velocity changes across all notes. If you have notes selected you only draw velocity changes for those selected notes.