Controls Bar

In the Controls Bar you find the Time Display, Transport, Tools and Toggle Buttons.

Use the Time Display to change your song tempo and time signature. Click the left part of the display to change view between time in seconds or bars & beats.

The Transport has buttons to control playback of your song with Back to Start, Play/Pause, Record, Loop Indicators On/Off and Metronome On/Off. You can also control the volume of the metronome. Activate it and then right-click it to change the volume of it.

Tools and Toggle Buttons are located in the middle and right hand side of the Controls Bar.


Tools are used to move, manipulate or edit things within the arrangement and content editor.

Arrow Tool, mainly used for selecting, moving and resizing regions and notes.

Pen Tool, used for drawing new regions in arrangement and notes in the Piano Roll.

Time Tool, mainly used to stretch audio and note regions.

Split Tool, used to split regions and notes in arrangement and Piano Roll.

Toggle Buttons

Toggle buttons are used to open and close different parts of the studio interface.

Click to open and activate the Virtual Keyboard

Open and close the Master Track in the Track Panels area

Open and close the studio Sound Library.