Importing & My Files

Importing external files and storing audio recordings are part of the Premium subscription plan.

When importing external audio and MIDI files, or saving a project with recorded audio, the files are stored in the My Files folder. This folder is located within the Sound Library and is associated with your account and only accessible to you when you are logged in. Files recorded or imported to a specific project will be stored in a new folder under My Files with the same name as your project.

Importing Files

Supported file formats in Amped Studio are wav, mp3, ogg, flac and mid. You can import external audio files in three different ways.

File menu: Under the File menu in the studio you find the options to import audio or MIDI files to your project. Browse your desktop for the files you want to import, you can select multiple files. All selected files will be imported to new tracks in the arrangement window.

Drag & drop to Arrangement: A quick way to add files from your desktop to your project. Simply select the files you want to import and drag them to the studio arrangement window. All selected files will be imported to new tracks.

Drag & drop to My Files: You can import audio and MIDI files directly to your My Files folder in the sound library. This is a good way to add your own loops and samples to your storage without adding them to specific project. You can drag and drop several selected files or even folders containing files to quickly upload and keep a personal sound library. Any unsupported files will not be uploaded.

Managing My Files

Within My Files you can manually create, move, rename and delete folders. You can also move, rename and delete files within these folders.

To create a new sub folder within My Files simply right-click the My Files folder and select "New Folder". You will now get a small pop-up window where you can type in the folder name you want to use.

If you right-click any sub folder you can then choose to Delete or Rename that folder. You will also find the option to create another folder within it. This is great if you, for example, want to create an instrument folder with sub folders based on style, sound, genre etc.

Moving folders around within My Files is as simple as left-click selecting that folder and while holding down the mouse button drag and drop it to the folder where you want to move it.

Editing files within My Files work the same way as with folders. Right-click a file to get the option to Delete or Rename it and to move a file you drag it to another folder.