Recording audio & MIDI

As we mentioned earlier in the manual all tracks in Amped Studio are hybrid. Not only does this mean they can play back audio and MIDI. It also means a track can record either audio or MIDI inputs! To record to a track in Amped Studio you first need to arm the track for the desired input signal. After having armed a track for recording press the record button in the transport.

Arm track for audio recording.

When you arm a track for audio recording it will use the first default audio input of your computer. The first time you record something in the web version of Amped Studio you may get a pop-up to allow our studio to use your microphone input. Allow access for audio recording to work.

Arm track for MIDI reording.

When arming a track for MIDI recording you can record with any MIDI keyboard or controller connected to your computer. It is also possible to record MIDI using the Virtual Keyboard in the studio, either by playing your computer keyboard or by clicking the keys with your computer mouse.