Regions in Amped Studio is another thing of ours that is hybrid. This means that regions can hold both audio and note content. Currently though, you can only add notes to audio regions and not the other way around.

Playback of Note Regions require that you have an instrument in the Device Chain of that track.

You can edit regions with the tools available in the Controls Bar. With the Arrow Tool you can resize regions by dragging the lower left and right corners of the region. When using the Time Tool you will instead apply time stretching, either by lengthening or shortening the region.

Copy regions by holding down ALT and then dragging the region and releasing it. Delete regions by selecting them and pressing backspace/delete on your keyboard.

Holding down CTRL or CMD and clicking a Track Panel will select all regions on that track in the arrangement.

Double clicking a region will open the Content Editor. Right now you can only use the editor to add notes to a region which will playback any instrument on that track.