Sound Library

In the Sound Library you can search, browse and preview all of the included loops and samples. The included content is divided in two folders, one called Free, with samples available to all account types. The Premium folder holds all content available to Premium account users. You can still search and listen to all content no matter your account type.

Find any content by browsing the folders or using the search. Searching is based on name, genre, keywords, tempo and also musical key.

Audio and MIDI content is marked with different icons in the library. Currently only audio files can be previewed within the library. Click an audio file in the library and it will automatically preview it. You can pause and play the file again by clicking the play icon in the top of the Sound Library. You can also turn on looping here, which will repeat the playback of the selected file.

To use anything from the Sound Library simply click and drag the file to a track in your arrangement. This will now load the file and add it as a region that you can move and edit.

Toggle button to open and close the Sound Library in the Controls Bar.