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Our mission is to make music making accessible to everyone with an array of tools and resources that allow all users from beginner to professional to create music and have their own personal studio that is accessible from anywhere at any time directly on the internet.

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Amped Studio

Make music online with the most powerful and easy to use Studio on the Web!

AmpedStudio is a complete online music sequencer and sound editor. Our main goal is to make the process of making music accessible to even the most inexperienced users. We want every person who feels the appropriate creative potential to be able to quickly and easily translate their ideas into reality, regardless of age and musical education. We will be glad if with our help you write your mega-hit, and believe it is more than possible! On our website you will find everything you need for this (tools and training).

Making Music with Amped Studio
Amped Studio Tools & Benefits
Sound Tools
Amped Studio comes with an integrated sound library, high quality virtual instruments & Effects and innovative assistance tools like Chord Creator, XYbeatZ and Hum/pitch detection.
Instrument connection
Use the internal mic or connect microphones, midi keyboards, guitars and more via USB. Record and edit sound quickly, easily and conveniently and store your creations to access on any computer with your password.
Share your projects, productions and collaborations to a specific person or in social media with the Share Projects feature or video chat right in Amped Studio with anyone with our chat room function.

Amped students will create the future

Teach music and modern production techniques by creating your own courses with our Learning Management System. Control all aspects of in your own digital teaching studio.

Teach music and modern production techniques
How Does Amped Studio for Education Work?
Create Course
Create your own personal training course right in Amped Studio with step by step saved tutorials, text instructions and screen shot pointers.
Invite Students
Invite your students to participate in your lessons and curriculum.
Teach & Review
The LMS allows teachers to post deadlines, review students work and comment.

Start earning with Amped Studio today!

Create, sell and buy Sample Packs, Songs, Remixes, Arrangements or Collaborations directly on Amped Studio Platform.
Become an Creator Partner and sign up to the Selle program in our Marketplace. Sell sample packs, beats, songs, arrangements and remixes right from your Profile page. Buyers can access their purchases directly in Amped Studio.

Start earning with Amped Studio
Sellers Beatmakers, Producers, Sample Producers
Create Seller Account
Go to the Your Profile Page and register to be a seller and input your banking details for payout with the provided the Stripe Express link.
Add Product
With our Seller back end you can upload your product and product graphic, add keywords and information, set the license and price.
Promote Your Product
With our Affiliate program you can get extra revenue and by promoting your product on social media, you can create sales beyond the large, existing Amped Studio user base.
Buyers Singers, Rappers, Beatmakers, Collaborators, Video Producers
Get the Right Sounds
The Marketplace includes custom packs found nowhere else plus sample packs from 3rd party sample companies like Producer Loops and Loopmasters. Many packs also open as arrangements directly in Amped Studio so no additional software needed.
Get the Right License
Each custom pack comes with different license options allowing you to pay for just what your planned needs are.
Support and Grow the Amped Studio Platform
Buying and collaborating with Amped producers benefits the producers directly and Amped Studio allowing us to build better features and a stronger community.

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Learning, Teaching and Creating: It's in our DNA

We are Amptrack Technologies, a team of dedicated developers, inspired creators and do-ers who want to introduce everyone to the enjoyment and possibilities of creating music while pushing the limits of music making on web. We believe we are ready for this challenge, and I hope you will join us on the journey and together we can grow and create something special.
music making on web

Who is it’s meant for?

Create your own beats using built-in drum machines, sequencer tracks and rich sample libraries that include sounds from a wide variety of music genres: rap and hip-hop, EDM, rock, pop, and more.
Connect a microphone to an app, including a mobile one, and record your own vocals at any time. Process it with professional effects, share projects with friends and create your own unique vocals quickly and easily.
Connect midi keyboards and synthesizers to the app and record your musical ideas as midi files, connect various sounds to them, and reproduce your own melodies.
Unique ability to connect third-party instruments and effects using VST technology. The process of making music online is becoming easier, more flexible and versatile.
Record your guitar parts, compose an arrangement for them, including through teamwork with your friends, and get ready-made tracks as soon as possible.
Voice melody
Voice melody
The HumBeatz app lets you compose your own melodies using your voice. You hum a tune, and the program translates it into a midi track. This is very convenient for those who do not have musical notation. Everything for your convenience!
Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Invite friends and colleagues and get 10% of each payment to your account
Here you will find many tools for traffic monetization, detailed statistics and analytics on traffic sources. To become an Amped Studio partner, you need to register with our studio.
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