We are AmpedStudio and we´re In the business of making musical dreams come true

Amped Studio is an online music making app that makes producing music fun with instant access and all the tools you need to not only start but develop and create incredible works. If you are a beginner, we have ready-made loops that work together and Chord Creator to provide chords and harmony at the push ´re a button. If you are advanced, we have a dual oscillator synth, an FM synth, and powerful effects and automation.

Amped Studio is also a Progressive Web App so it works on and offline and can be launched from the desktop. Take advantage of all the videos and tutorial help we have on the website to familiarize

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Learning, Teaching and Creating: It´s in our DNA

We are Amptrack Technologies, a team of dedicated developers, inspired creators and do-ers who want to introduce everyone to the enjoyment and possibilities of creating music while pushing the limits of music making on web. We believe we are ready for this challenge, and I hope you will join us on the journey and together we can grow and create something special.

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