Can I Use Amped Studio on any computer?
Yes, but Amped Studio only works with Chromium based browsers like Chrome, Edge, Opera and Brave. Amped Studio does not function fully in Firefox or Safari.
Does Amped Studio work on Mobile?
Currently, no it is a web application only. The website and tracks can be accessed but not the Studio. The Studio works in Chromium based browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave and a few others.
How Do I Make a Beat?
This is the most common question we get and recommend that you drag in some loops from a construction kit in the sound library and start experimenting with effects to get a basic feel for the studio as you access information about how to use the studio under our LEARN section in our home page where we have video tutorials, an online manual and some very useful Music Production Tips videos
If I make a song in Amped Studio and use samples from the Amped Studio Sound Library or Sound Shop, can I own the composition?
Yes, the sounds in the library are licensed to you to use royalty free. We have Terms of Use page here: https://ampedstudio.com/terms-of-use/
If I pay for a subscription and cancel, does it end immediately?
No, it will last until your next expected withdrawal.
How do I change my Password?
In your Profile Page on our Homepage under Account Settings
What is the difference between a free and Premium account?
With a Premium account you have full access to everything in Amped Studio (except Europa Synth, a
How do I cancel my paid subscription?
You can cancel yourself anytime in your Profile Page on our Homepage under Account Settings.
If I cancel does my subscription end immediately?
No, you have your subscription until the date your next payment would be due.
My recordings or playback lag or glitch what do I do?
Under the Studio Menu - upper left corner green box – you can raise the Buffer size under “Settings”.
What Does Publish Track mean in the Studio Menu?
It publishes your song to our Tracks page so you can listen to it outside of the studio and have others listen to it.
Can I Collaborate with another Amped Studio User?
You can Share a Project and work with 2 or more premium account members by sending or posting the project. You can video chat with members in Amped Studio by initiating a video chat room by clicking the “telephone“ icon in the top ride side of in Studio in “show/hide panels” icon.
How to subscribe?
To choose from a monthly or yearly plan, create an account with Ampedstudio. Register on the site! If you already have an account, sign in to see available rates and choose the plan that suits you best.
What are the benefits of the PREMIUM tariff?
This plan includes all of Ampedstudio's grandiose tools: 9 Virtual Instruments, 10,000+ Audio & Midi files, the ability to save and export projects and much more.
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