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AmpedStudio is a complete online music sequencer and sound editor. Our main goal is to make the process of making music accessible to even the most inexperienced users. We want every person who feels the appropriate creative potential to be able to quickly and easily translate their ideas into reality, regardless of age and musical education. We will be glad if with our help you write your mega-hit, and believe it is more than possible! On our website you will find everything you need for this (tools and training).


The app works in all Chromium based browsers like Chrome and Edge. Amped Studio is also a Progressive Web App and works on and offline. Create and record your music anytime, anywhere.

Instrument connection

Connect microphones, midi keyboards, guitars and more. Record and edit sound quickly, easily and conveniently.

Collective collaborations

Record and create your own arrangements, process them with professional effects, share projects with friends and create music together.

Rich sample libraries

The app includes an extensive library of ready-made samples and loops for creating a wide variety of types of music. Included are one.shots, construction kits, audio loops and midi files.


Unique ability to connect third-party instruments and effects using VST technology. The process of making music online is becoming easier, more flexible and versatile.


You have an idea for a song, but there is no opportunity to record it in the studio? AmpedStudio is the solution! The microphone can be connected anywhere and anytime, and the recording is made as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Who is it’s meant for?


Create your own beats using built-in drum machines, sequencer tracks and rich sample libraries that include sounds from a wide variety of music genres: rap and hip-hop, EDM, rock, pop, and more.

Beatmaker Online


Connect a midi keyboard to the app and assign one of the Virtual Instruments like Volt or Drumpler to get a great sound.

Piano online


Connect a microphone to the app, and record your own vocals any time. Process it with professional effects, share projects with friends and create your own unique vocals quickly and easily.

Vocal online


Record your guitar parts, compose an arrangement for them, including through teamwork with your friends, and get ready-made tracks as soon as possible.

Guitar online

Compose with your voice

Hum a melody and turn it into notes. Record your beatboxing and turn it into drums. With Hum & Beatz detection you can make music with just your mouth.


Learn Amped Studio Videos

Tracks and track panels

The Arrangement and adding Regions

The Virtual Keyboard

The Sound Library

Hum & Beatz Note Detection in Amped Studio

Regions in Amped Studio

Preset Explorer Tutorial

Share Project Tutorial

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