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Our mission is to make music making accessible to everyone with an array of tools and resources that allow all users from beginner to professional to create music and have their own personal studio that is accessible from anywhere at any time directly on the internet.

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You can start a track easily by utilizing the AI Assistant for ideas

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Our smart AI algorithm offers you pro-like results in no time

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Unleash the full potential of your musical journey with our cutting-edge tools.

Volt mini

Use these tools to unleash your potential.


Classic FM synthesizer for diverse sounds.

Volt mini

Compact version of VOLT with essential features.


Arrange music with a grid-based sequencer.


Predictive melody tool for quick composition.


Shape-shifting synthesizer for modern sounds.


Sample-based drum machine for beats.


Analog synth emulation for rich textures.


Vintage sampler for nostalgic tones.


Versatile oscillator synth for dynamic sounds.


Play and manipulate audio samples.

Elevate your craft with our innovative tools and redefine what's possible in your musical journey.

  • Cut
  • Split tool
  • Pen tool
  • Delete
  • Metronome
  • Arrow tool
  • Paste
  • Copy
  • Time tool
  • Autoscroll
  • Snapping
  • Looping


  • Amp Sim Utility:

    Emulate amp tones, from clean to crunchy.

  • BitCrusher:

    Crush bits for gritty, retro sounds.

  • Compressor:

    Smooth out or punch up your mix.

  • Clean Machine:

    Sparkling clean guitar amp emulations.

  • Chorus:

    Layer sounds for depth and movement.

  • Delay:

    Create echoes for rhythmic effects.

  • Distortion:

    Add grit and intensity to tracks.

  • Distortion Machine:

    Extreme distortion for hard-hitting sound.

  • Equalizer Mini:

    Quick EQ fixes with essential bands.

  • Expander:

    Broaden your mix’s dynamic range.

  • Flanger:

    Swirling, jet-like audio effects.

  • Gate:

    Eliminate noise from silent passages.

  • Limiter Mini:

    Limiting made simple and effective.

  • Metal Machine:

    Heavy metal guitar tones, unleashed.

  • Phaser:

    Swirling effect for a spacey feel.

  • Reverb:

    Simulate acoustic environments from small to large.

  • Compressor Mini:

    Simplified dynamic control with punch.

  • Equalizer:

    Shape your sound across the frequency spectrum.

  • Limiter:

    Cap peaks for consistent volume levels.

  • Tremolo:

    Modulate volume for pulsating effects.

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Create your own beats using built-in drum machines, sequencer tracks and rich sample libraries that include sounds from a wide variety of music genres: rap and hip-hop, EDM, rock, pop, and more.
Connect a microphone to an app, including a mobile one, and record your own vocals at any time. Process it with professional effects, share projects with friends and create your own unique vocals quickly and easily.
Connect midi keyboards and synthesizers to the app and record your musical ideas as midi files, connect various sounds to them, and reproduce your own melodies.
Unique ability to connect third-party instruments and effects using VST technology. The process of making music online is becoming easier, more flexible and versatile.
Record your guitar parts, compose an arrangement for them, including through teamwork with your friends, and get ready-made tracks as soon as possible.
Voice melody
Voice melody
The HumBeatz app lets you compose your own melodies using your voice. You hum a tune, and the program translates it into a midi track. This is very convenient for those who do not have musical notation. Everything for your convenience!
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Amped Studio is a complete online music sequencer and sound editor. Our main goal is to make the process of making music accessible to even the most inexperienced users. We want every person who feels the appropriate creative potential to be able to quickly and easily translate their ideas into reality, regardless of age and musical education. We will be glad if with our help you write your mega-hit, and believe it is more than possible! On our website you will find everything you need for this (tools and training).
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