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Mixing drums and bass
Mixing Drums and Bass
Articles 22.06.2022

As you know drums are the primary instruments that give groove, rhythm and serves as an essential foundation for a song ... Read more

Super bass
Secrets of 808 bass
Articles 01.06.2022

Beyond the name of “808 Bass” there are almost 45 years of history in electronic music, evolution, transformation of technique and musical trends ... Read more

How To Make A Cover Song
Creating a cover song
Articles 11.05.2022

Everyone has ever heard cover versions for any songs. This is a very popular creative way for an artist to show up. Read more

Online audio recorder
Online audio recorder
Articles 25.03.2022

Amped Studio online sequencer is a complete software for recording any audio. You can record any sound you want: vocals, guitar, instruments, drums, etc ... Read more

Music audio editor
Music editor online
Articles 25.03.2022

The music editor built into the Amped Studio online sequencer allows you to perform both simple and complex manipulations with audio files of any format ... Read more

Online DAW
Online DAW
Articles 21.03.2022

Nowadays, more and more software migrates from a stationary to an online environment. The same goes for online DAWs - software for making music ... Read more

Dynamic Equalizers
Dynamic Equalizers
Articles 28.02.2022

Dynamic sound processing is one of the most popular and can admit it is an integral part of the modern music production process, audio engineering, sound design. Dynamic processing is mostly used ... Read more

EQ Parametric
Parametric EQ
Articles 28.02.2022

Proper EQ practices matter. Parametric EQ is the next type of equalizer we want to pay attention to. As it is said in previous articles equalization is... Read more

Graphic equalizer
Graphic equalizers
Articles 25.02.2022

Most of us dealt with the Equalization of audio even much before we got an idea about creating our own music. It is widely used in most domestic appliances ... Read more

Modulation in music
Modulation in music
Articles 21.02.2022

Compression is an extremely popular effect in both studio recordings and live music performances ... Read more

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