HOW TO Video Chat in Amped Studio
HOW TO Video Chat in Amped Studio
Tutorials 30.12.2021

How do we get lonely Amped Studio CEO “Dollar Bill” Bryant to connect with his hero DJ Journey so he can play him his latest track? Read more

Tutoriales útiles para comenzar con Amped Studio
Helpful Tutorials to Get Started with Amped Studio
Tutorials 08.09.2021

Nuevo en Amped Studio? Aquí hay una selección de tutoriales interesantes que lo ayudarán a familiarizarse con las características principales de Studio. Read more

Using VST plugins inside amped studio 1
How to use VST plugins inside Amped Studio
Tutorials 08.09.2021

We are glad to announce the new tutorial on how to use VST plugins inside Amped Studio. Read more

create Music with your voice
Turn Your Voice into a Synth or a Drum
Tutorials 08.09.2021

This is a fresh, easy and fun way to create a melody, bass line or drum beat and particularly useful for those who are not familiar with Music Theory. Read more

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