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Tips & Tricks

Store Your Sounds Forever
7 Easy Steps to Store Your Sounds Forever
Tips & Tricks 07.04.2023

Now you have stored your most cherished songs and sounds on the Arweave Blockchain. They are easily accessible from your Profile page on Amped Studio Read more

Smart Midi
Smart Midi
Tips & Tricks 15.09.2022

This email we would like to introduce a totally new feature in Amped Studio (and any DAW for that matter) called Smart Midi. Read more

How to cut audio
How to cut audio
Tips & Tricks 13.09.2022

Amped Studio is a complete audio editor that allows you to perform both basic audio trimming and processing functions ... Read more

Jam Grid for Amped Studio
Introducing JamGrid for Amped Studio
Tips & Tricks 20.07.2022

Introducing JamGrid for Amped Studio an easy-to-use loop player that can get you started making music fast. Read more

The free gems of Amped Studio
The free gems of Amped Studio
Tips & Tricks 01.04.2022

There are over 125 virtual instruments in the GM Player and any midi file will play back with the sound for the chosen instrument you have selected in the GM Player. Read more

More with premium
More with Premium
Tips & Tricks 03.03.2022

Amped Studio provides you with all the tools  you need to learn how to make digital music with instant access to an online studio, sound library and array of virtual instruments and effects... Read more

Chord Creator
Using Chord Creator
Tips & Tricks 17.02.2022

We have a lot of questions from entry level users on “How do I  Make a Beat”? This is not easily answered but this will be a demonstration of how to use Chord Creator... Read more

HOW TO Video Chat in Amped Studio
HOW TO Video Chat in Amped Studio
Tips & Tricks 30.12.2021

How do we get lonely Amped Studio CEO “Dollar Bill” Bryant to connect with his hero DJ Journey so he can play him his latest track? Read more

GM Player
General Midi Player
Tips & Tricks 19.12.2021

GM Player contains over 125 instruments and to make the studio launch faster they are loaded upon request  in the device chain. Read more

Drumpler 101
Drumpler 101
Tips & Tricks 09.12.2021

So if new to music making and Amped Studio besides using a ready made drum loop you can make  “roll” your own using our virtual Drum Machine “Drumpler". Read more

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