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Chord creator 4
Introducing Chord Creator
Tips & Tricks 03.11.2021

Here is a quick look at our latest feature in Amped Studio, Chord Creator, so you can quickly get up to speed and start using this cool tool creatively. Read more

Automation adds life to your tracks 1
Automation adds life to your tracks!
Tips & Tricks 08.09.2021

Automation is one of the most effective tools to add life to your tracks and make them more interesting. Read more

Song Starter
Stuck in rut? Try Song Starter!
Tips & Tricks 08.09.2021

With Song Starter, you generate (almost) randomized projects which can serve as a quick, fun and simple way to start a new song. Read more

Create a Call and Response bassline
Create a Call & Response bassline
Tips & Tricks 08.09.2021

Call and response in music refers to when different distinct instruments or musical phrases are heard as responding to each other. Read more

The Virtual Keyboard
The Virtual Keyboard
Tips & Tricks 08.09.2021

The virtual keyboard is used to play instruments in amp studio without the need for an external MIDI keyboard. Read more

Preset Explorer Tutorial
Preset Explorer Tutorial
Tips & Tricks 08.09.2021

Welcome to a look at Amped Studio’s new preset explorer. The device preset explorer is used to find and load presets for instruments and effects. Read more

The Arrangement and adding Regions
The Arrangement and adding Regions
Tips & Tricks 08.09.2021

At the center of the Studio, you find the arrangement with the timeline, loop indicators, and playhead. Read more

Hum and Beatz Note Detection 5
Hum & Beatz Note Detection
Tips & Tricks 05.09.2021

Today we are presenting the ‘Detect Hum/Beatbox’ feature in Amped Studio which allows you to create music with your voice. Read more

Share project
Share an Amped Studio project
Tips & Tricks 01.09.2021

Here’s a simple way to share your work with anyone, allowing them to open your project, hear it or work with it. Read more

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