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Stems format
Stems format
News 01.12.2022

Stems is a unique multi-track audio file format in which various elements of a track are split into separate tracks, for example, bass, drums, melody, vocals ...  Read more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Black Friday & Cyber Monday
News 25.11.2022

Amped Studio is offering 50% off a Yearly subscription from November 24th to November 29th for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.  Read more

Sell ​​your music on our Marketplace
News 13.10.2022

We have just launched a Creator Program that allows producers and creators the opportunity to sell songs, sample packs or stem projects in the Amped Studio marketplace! Read more

free premium for a month
Free 30-day Premium Accounts!
News 05.09.2022

You will get the opportunity to get 1 of 50 promotional codes for a 30-day premium subscription. Read more

good news from Amped Studio
Some good news from Amped Studio
News 01.07.2022

Let´s kick off the summer with some good news from Amped Studio with some new features we have recently added. Read more

Get 11% any Sample Pack or Device
News 12.11.2021

Here is a quick look at our latest feature in Amped Studio, Chord Creator, so you can quickly get up to speed and start using this cool tool creatively. Read more

Google Partneship
Google partnership
News 29.09.2021

Amtrack has become an official Google partner. Our PWA application is hosted on the Play Market. Read more

ChromeBook app 2
ChromeBook app
News 29.09.2021

Our company, as part of a partnership with Google, has released a PWA application specifically for Chromebooks with the Chrome OS operating system. Read more

3 Free WAM effects 2
3 Free WAM effects
News 31.08.2021

We have released three free guitar amp simulators in their WAM plugin format. Read more

Amped Studio Progressive Web App 2
Amped Studio is Now a PWA
News 31.08.2021

What´s a PWA? PWA is short for “Progressive Web App” and it allows web apps to function like desktop apps. Read more

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