New major release in the studio

New major release

Dear Amped Studio Users,

We are eager to inform you about a new major release in the studio and our new operational rules.

In our latest update, we have introduced many new solutions, added new tools for users of the free version, and expanded the features for PREMIUM and PREMIUM +AI tariff plan users. However, due to the rapid increase in the number of users of the free version of the studio, which also leads to an increased load on the studio, and the need to maintain comfortable working conditions for users of paid tariff plans, we have slightly changed our approach to project storage in the studio.

Now, users of the free version of the studio are limited to storing only one project in the studio. It can be stored for 90 days. If you remain active in working on this project, the storage period is maintained. If the project is not worked on, after 90 days, it will be deleted. You will receive an email warning about the possible deletion of an inactive project 7 days in advance, giving you the opportunity to export it to your computer. Projects created in the studio by users of the free version can be exported to their computers in unlimited quantities. The same rules will apply to the storage of files by users of this category in the studio.

Exporting audio and publishing your audio for users of the free version of the studio will be available only when using free tools and sounds. But, the export of projects will be without restrictions!

These limits do not apply to PREMIUM and PREMIUM +AI tariff plan users. For all tariff plans, we have added 1,100 audio files from the Freesound library. We have selected only the most worthy files for you to simplify your work.

For more detailed information about the differences between free and paid tariff plans, you can visit the page

Don’t forget to use our AI. Remember that it is available once a day to everyone except users with the PREMIUM +AI tariff plan. PREMIUM +AI plan users can use it without restrictions, as well as our excellent Splitter tool.

For any questions, you can reach out on our forum and to our technical support service.

Thank you for being with us and helping to develop Amped Studio. Stay tuned for our updates!

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