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Best guitar VST
Best guitar VST plugins

The electric guitar has become an integral part of the music industry - it is difficult to imagine modern compositions without its sound ... Read more

Best synths VST
Best synths VST plugins

If you talk to an analogue aficionado, they'll tell you that "the unique warmth and natural sound of analog synthesizers is second to none ... Read more

Best bass VST
Best bass VST plugins

Virtual bass guitars are one of the most sought-after digital instruments among musicians ... Read more

Best vocal plugins
Best vocal VST plugins

One of the most important elements in the field of music production is vocals. However, mixing vocals can seem like hard work, especially if you don't have the right plugins. ... Read more

Pitch Shifting
Pitch Shifting in Amped Studio

Amped Studio has just added Pitch Shifting to the Content Editor to change the pitch while maintaining the tempo. Read more

Best drum VST
Best drum VST plugins

One of the key factors determining the success of a track is the high-quality and powerful sound of percussion instruments ... Read more

Best reverbs
Best reverb VST plugins

Reverb is a time-based effect that is used to create the illusion of a room or space. It is often used in mixing to make vocals ... Read more

Best Waves plugins
Best Waves VST plugins

With a Waves Creative Access subscription, you'll always have access to a wide range of plugins from Waves ... Read more

Best piano VST
Best piano VST plugins

The piano is versatile and rich in sound, ideally combined with a variety of instruments and suitable for all musical genres, helping to solve various musical problems ... Read more

Subdominant and dominant
Subdominant and dominant

In music theory, the subdominant is the fourth degree in both major and minor modes. The term is also applied to a chord based on the fourth scale degree ... Read more

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