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Mixing drums
Mixing drums
Articles 26.08.2022

Mixing drums is one of the most important and problematic stages in the process of creating a musical composition ... Read more

Online mic recording
Online Mic Recording
Articles 25.08.2022

There may be many reasons you are looking for an online recording tool, but one thing is obvious -having an ability to capture surrounding sounds ... Read more

Best acoustic guitar
Best acoustic guitar
Articles 29.07.2022

When looking for the best acoustic guitar for you, it's important to consider a few factors ... Read more

Best bass guitar
Best bass guitar
Articles 29.07.2022

The bass guitar market has never been more saturated, with more high-quality options than ever before ... Read more

Best synthesizers
Best synthesizers
Articles 28.07.2022

Music technology companies have been working hard to make hardware synthesizers more affordable ... Read more

Jam Grid for Amped Studio
Introducing JamGrid for Amped Studio
Tips & Tricks 20.07.2022

Introducing JamGrid for Amped Studio an easy-to-use loop player that can get you started making music fast. Read more

Best midi keyboards
Best midi keyboards 2022
Articles 08.07.2022

A MIDI controller keyboard is an essential piece of equipment in any studio. The best MIDI controllers can take your recordings to a whole new level ... Read more

Best reverbs
Best reverb plugins
Articles 04.07.2022

Reverb is a time-based effect that is used to create the illusion of a room or space. It is often used in mixing to make vocals ... Read more

good news from Amped Studio
Some good news from Amped Studio
News 01.07.2022

Let´s kick off the summer with some good news from Amped Studio with some new features we have recently added. Read more

Best microphones
The best microphones in 2022
Articles 30.06.2022

If you're looking for the best microphones for your needs, then you've come to the right place ... Read more

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