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How to choose a guitar for beginners
How to choose a guitar for a beginners
Articles 21.02.2022

Choosing your first instrument is a critical question for any beginner guitarist. And it should be taken as seriously as possible ... Read more

Chord Creator
Using Chord Creator
Tips & Tricks 17.02.2022

We have a lot of questions from entry level users on “How do I  Make a Beat”? This is not easily answered but this will be a demonstration of how to use Chord Creator... Read more

Circle of fifths
Circle of fifths
Articles 17.02.2022

One of the most important concepts in music is the circle of fifths. This is a kind of basis (graphic scheme) that helps to determine ... Read more

Most common chord progression chart
The most common chord progressions
Articles 14.02.2022

All music is built on a harmonious combination of sounds. Two notes - interval. Three notes is already a chord ... Read more

Chorus effect
Chorus effect
Articles 14.02.2022

In brief, the chorus effect can make one instrument sound like two instruments are playing at the same time ... Read more

Guitar chord progressions
Guitar chord progressions
Articles 08.02.2022

Guitarist clamps several strings and plays so that they sound at the same time - he puts a chord. If we sort through the strings in turn ... Read more

Musical notes
Musical Notes
Articles 07.02.2022

People tried to preserve music in written form as early as the 11th century. But the final version of musical notation was adopted only in the 17th century ... Read more

Fundamental characteristics of sound
Fundamental characteristics of sound
Articles 04.02.2022

If you are eager for creating sounds and wish to spend your time on it, create various audio environments in form of music, sound effects ... Read more

Sound compression
Audio compression
Articles 04.02.2022

Sound compression is one of the key tools in the "arsenal" of a sound engineer. Sound and track mixing is not complete without it ... Read more

Parallel compression
Parallel Compression
Articles 03.02.2022

Parallel compression is a powerful mixing technique that is actively used in music, but is often misunderstood ... Read more

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