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Remix with a Songstarter
Remix with a Songstarter
Articles 07.04.2023

Remixing music is a great way to showcase your creativity and bring a new spin to an existing song ... Read more

Normalize Audio
Articles 07.04.2023

Normalization of an audio is the process of adjusting the amplitude of an audio signal to a specific level to ensure ... Read more

Music pattern api
How to understand when a music Track is ready
Articles 07.04.2023

Reggaeton isn't just a music genre now, it's a cultural sensation that has taken over the world ... Read more

Store Your Sounds Forever
7 Easy Steps to Store Your Sounds Forever
Tips & Tricks 07.04.2023

Now you have stored your most cherished songs and sounds on the Arweave Blockchain. They are easily accessible from your Profile page on Amped Studio Read more

Complete a track and distribute
Complete a track and distribute
Articles 07.04.2023

As a music producer, it's common to spend countless hours creating and refining a music track until it's perfect ... Read more

Sample Packs
Sound Packs in Music Production
Articles 09.02.2023

In this article, we will take a look at such tools in music production as Sound Packs ... Read more

Drag and drop audio file
Online music editor
Articles 18.01.2023

Our online music editor consists of tools for manipulating and editing audio files, such as the ability to trim, cut and splice audio clips, adjust volume and ... Read more

Jazz Progressions
What are the most common jazz progressions?
Articles 16.01.2023

Jazz is a genre of music that originated in African American communities, primarily in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Read more

rap styles
What do i need to know if i want to rap?
Articles 11.01.2023

If you want to rap, there are a few things you should consider ... Read more

Stems format
Stems format
News 01.12.2022

Stems is a unique multi-track audio file format in which various elements of a track are split into separate tracks, for example, bass, drums, melody, vocals ...  Read more

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