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Best midi keyboards
Best midi keyboards 2022
Articles 08.07.2022

A MIDI controller keyboard is an essential piece of equipment in any studio. The best MIDI controllers can take your recordings to a whole new level ... Read more

Best reverbs
Best reverb plugins
Articles 04.07.2022

Reverb is a time-based effect that is used to create the illusion of a room or space. It is often used in mixing to make vocals ... Read more

good news from Amped Studio
Some good news from Amped Studio
News 01.07.2022

Let´s kick off the summer with some good news from Amped Studio with some new features we have recently added. Read more

Best microphones
The best microphones in 2022
Articles 30.06.2022

If you're looking for the best microphones for your needs, then you've come to the right place ... Read more

Best laptops for music production
Best laptops for music production 2022
Articles 28.06.2022

Looking for the perfect laptop for music production? You've come to the right place ... Read more

Mixing drums and bass
Mixing Drums and Bass
Articles 22.06.2022

As you know drums are the primary instruments that give groove, rhythm and serves as an essential foundation for a song ... Read more

Super bass
Secrets of 808 bass
Articles 01.06.2022

Beyond the name of “808 Bass” there are almost 45 years of history in electronic music, evolution, transformation of technique and musical trends ... Read more

How To Make A Cover Song
Creating a cover song
Articles 11.05.2022

Everyone has ever heard cover versions for any songs. This is a very popular creative way for an artist to show up. Read more

The free gems of Amped Studio
The free gems of Amped Studio
Tips & Tricks 01.04.2022

There are over 125 virtual instruments in the GM Player and any midi file will play back with the sound for the chosen instrument you have selected in the GM Player. Read more

Music audio editor
Music editor online
Articles 25.03.2022

The music editor built into the Amped Studio online sequencer allows you to perform both simple and complex manipulations with audio files of any format ... Read more

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