Helpful Tutorials to Get Started with Amped Studio

Tutoriales útiles para comenzar con Amped Studio

New to Amped Studio? Here is a selection of interesting tutorials that will help you get acquainted with the main features of the Studio.

1. Turn Your Voice into a Synth Or Drums

In this video tutorial you will learn how to use your voice to create melodies and drums with Amped Studio’s unique features: ‘Detect Hum’ and ‘Detect Beatbox’.

2. How To Make Beats with Drumpler

In this video, you are going to learn how to make beats with Amped Studio’s unique drum sampler called Drumpler.

3. Music Production Collaboration in Amped Studio

Learn the easy way to collaborate with other musicians without being in the same physical space.

4. The Unique Virtual Synths of Amped Studio

Check out an overview of Amped Studio’s unique synths: Volt (available for Premium users) and Volt Mini.

5. How to Use Automation in Amped Studio

Want to add some dynamics and drama to your music? Learn how to add and use the Automation feature.

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