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Amped Studio is workstation that allows you to make music online. The advantage of such a DAW is that it does not require installation on a computer or mobile phone. This frees up additional computer resources for other tasks. If you need to edit MIDI all projects and tools involved in the workflow are stored remotely, which guarantees their additional security. In addition, your data can be accessed from any device at any time.

What the midi file creator consists of

Amped Studio is a handy online application that allows you to work with documents in universal MIDI format. The application allows the user to record notes in the form of standard musical notation, modify the sound of audio, play midi data using the built-in player and save it to a computer.

Midi – the editor is not like everyone else! It’s clear and simple interface, support for built-in and VST plugins, adjusting the pressure of the note, recording a midi signal using a connected midi keyboard, as well as absolutely free provision of its application make it a real assistant for a creative author.

The developers have provided their product with a wide range of possibilities, all the necessary tools for modifying midi files are built in:

  • Selecting a specific note and moving it within a track;
  • Increase and decrease the length of notes;
  • Control of the playback speed of notes;
  • Establishing a connection between two elements by deceleration;
  • Reducing the precision of notes, giving them the “human” touch that is heard when playing a musical instrument;
  • Adjusting the pitch of notes;
  • Built-in sound effects for working with material.

The application is very convenient and easy to use. The user needs to create a new file, into which either insert an existing song recorded using MIDI devices (i.e. a keyboard or digital piano), or create a new one using available tools.

Application main menu

In the Amped Studio online midi maker & editor, the main menu is in the upper left corner, and is opened by clicking on the menu icon. Using the main menu, you can create a new file, or open an existing one, save the current project, or go to the application settings and perform other actions.

At the very top of the interface there is a control panel, transport buttons, time display buttons, toggle buttons, login / logout buttons, as well as tools for working with material.

In the very center is an area with audio, notes and empty regions – arrangements. Arrangement provides you with the look of your piece. It is especially useful when making adjustments (bringing one element under another, in case of a lag).

To the left of the arrangement is the tracks panel. It serves to add new music to your project, completely mute the sound in a specific audio track, enable the track for audio or MIDI recording, and view the automation of the track. Please note that each audio track has its own track panel.

A virtual online piano that lets you create music without having to have real instruments to create midi. To use it enable the track to record notes. Click on any of the keys with the mouse cursor, or use the buttons on your computer keyboard to play notes.

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