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Drum machine online

Drum machine online

Musicians often come up with beats while going about their day to day. You don’t even notice how an interesting rhythm comes to mind. And if you don’t write it down right away, it is just as imperceptibly forgotten. As luck would have it, the laptop is not around in such cases. It happens that at this moment you are on the street or sitting at a working computer that does not have special software installed. An online drum machine helps a lot in such situations.

There are many sites on the internet that allow you to quickly jot down a beat. They are simple step sequencers, virtual drum kits, loopers, drum generators, online drum machines. Here you can create a rhythmic pattern. But you won’t be able to select high-quality sounds for it, arrange it, process it with effects and turn it into a full-fledged song. But the online sequencer Amped Studio will handle it well.

Why is the online drum machine Amped Studio convenient?

First of all, it opens from any device connected to the Internet. It can be a stationary computer or laptop, both on Windows and on MacOS. For an online drumcomputer, it is only important to have a browser and access to the Internet. But the convenience of Amped Studio doesn’t stop there.

1. Special plugin. The Drumpler instrument is provided for self-filling a rhythm part. In fact, this is a virtual online drum machine. But it is only a small part of the Amped Studio workspace. Drumpler provides 12 pads and 17 sets of sounds for them. You can click the mouse, play the midi keyboard, press the buttons on a laptop.

If everything ends on a regular site with an online drum machine, then in Amped Studio you can record a beat on a midi track. And then do whatever you want with it: edit, duplicate, process with effects, arrange, save to your computer. That is, turn it into a complete composition.

2. Library of samples. Amped Studio is more than an online drum machine, it’s more of a online drum sequencer. To create a drum part, you can use not only Drumpler, but also free sets of samples, loops, audio and midi clips. And here you will find not only percussion, but also melodic phrases. You don’t even have to play the online drum machine on the keyboard.

Drag the loops onto the work area and the drum part is ready. It remains only to uniqueize it. Cut and compile your rhythmic picture, pick the sounds you like, insert drum fills, make volume or pan automation. Also, this online drum maker can handle drumbeat effects.

3. Virtual instruments and effects. The beat sounds much more powerful and interesting if you put processing plugins on separate drums. For example, hang a reverb on a snair, and thicken the kick with distortion and a compressor. Online drum machine Amped Studio allows you to split one midi-track into several.

However, do not forget that the beat is not only drums. In addition to effects, melodic instruments can also decorate it. In addition to the online drum machine Drumpler, Amped Studio has samplers and synthesizers. For a beat to be considered complete, we must complement it with at least a bass line.

4. Teamwork. Many producers make music in collaborations. Amped Studio is well suited for this. One musician writes hip hop beats using loops or the online drum machine Drumpler. Another enriches it with bass, chord progression, fill pads using a sampler and synthesizer. And the third one writes the rap on top.

And you don’t have to get all together. The best online drum machines allow you to work on the same project from different computers. Sitting at home, everyone is engaged in their own part of the composition. This speeds up the process and makes it possible to instantly consult with partners and ask them to make adjustments.

How to make a beat on the online drum machine Amped Studio?

Create a track and click “Add Device” on the bottom panel. Select Drumpler from the dropdown menu. You can set it up right away and pick a suitable set of pads. There are three options for creating a drum part on an online drum machine.

  1. Play it on the drum pads, playing it live with the metronome;
  2. Draw with a pencil in the Note Editor;
  3. Take the finished drawing from the library and change it.

Usually, the rhythm is kept on the kick, snare (or clap) and hat (or shaker). Kick can be “direct”, that is, hit in every 1st beat (if you count 1-2-3-4). Or it can be inserted in different places between the lobes, then a more interesting pattern is obtained. An online drum machine provides such an opportunity. Snare hits every third beat in most cases. And the hat plays rhythmically on all four and in between.

Right now, on the device you’re reading this from, you can jump into the sequencer and make a beat in Amped Studio in a few minutes. Online drum machine saves time, effort and money. It has a simple interface that is easy to understand. You don’t need to install anything. At the same time, all the tools necessary for beat making are available. Open the app and make music online.

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