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Beat maker online

Beatmaker online offers an unparalleled experience for music enthusiasts looking to craft their own beats across various genres. Functioning as a comprehensive DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), it seamlessly brings the full capabilities of traditional desktop software to the digital realm. What sets this online beatmaking platform apart is its support for VST plugins, opening up vast possibilities for sound editing.

Beat maker

The music environment of the application includes an intuitive interface that is similar in appearance to most well-known sequencers from leading developers. It is easy to start to make your own beats for rap, dubstep, EDM straight in browser even if you don’t have any special musical education. There is no need in expensive special studio equipment. Everything you need is a laptop or CPU. You just open the music beat maker website ampedstudio.com, go to the online studio and start to create your own music online playfully just taking pleasure from the process.

Here you will find whole necessary instruments for making music: samplers, synthesizers, effects, automation. Our free beat making software as a virtual beats maker keyboard is good for both professionals and amateurs. Here you can also make a professional song recording with instruments and vocals on your arrangement.

Drumpler online beat machine

Online drum machine (Drumpler) – this is virtual instrument allows you to create your own professional drum beats in any musical style or direction, with 17 drum and percussion kits you get everything you need to start making beats online. No need to install any software, buy equipment, download sample libraries, everything you need is available in the application. Only a browser and internet connection is needed. Drumpler is a simple free online beat maker app which represents a virtual drum pad machine. You may load the samples from the both built-in library and your own downloaded packs from the internet.

How to make beat online for free?

1. Go to our beat maker studio by following the link app.ampedstudio.com and create a new track.

Beat maker online

2. At the top, you can set your tempo (bpm) and loop points if desired.

set your tempo

3. Create a region by double-clicking on a track.

Beat maker online Free

4. On the Device Chain click on Add Device where a selection of virtual instruments and effects with pop up.

Online Beat maker

5. Choose online beat looper Drumpler.

Choose online beat maker Drumpler

6. Choose a drum kit of high-quality, ready-made drum & percussion sounds that can be played by pressing the instrument’s drum pads or the keyboard.

Choose a drum kit

7. Next, in the track editing panel, using a pencil, we create some kind of rhythmic pattern (notes on the online virtual keyboard correspond to certain sounds on the drumpad).

create some kind of rhythmic pattern

Online beat simulator interface

The interface of the Drumpler consists of the following elements:

1 – A header with a preset selection panel; 2 – A window with a graphical display of the audio signal; 3 – A sound parameters editing panel; 4 – A drum pad with keys for preset sounds (each of them can be played by pressing the corresponding key).

Controllers are available in the sound editing panel to adjust the following parameters:

The interface of the online beat maker

  • Velocity – sample playback speed;
  • Level – volume;
  • Pan – panorama (displacement of the sound location in space relative to the center to the left/right);
  • Pitch – tonality;
  • Start – playback of the sample;
  • End – end of sample playback.

What does our beat making app offer?

  • Premium & free sample libraries, sets of midi files and audio loops and construction kits;
  • Reverbs, equalizers, compressors and other effects for processing and improving sound quality;
  • Multi-track recording and editing functionality;
  • Automation to control various sound processing parameters;
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface;
  • Ability to share projects and work in a team.

Our beat maker online studio works as a web application. You don’t need to install anything on your computer, everything can be done through a page opened in the browser. You can connect to the service and from any place with Internet and you are not tied down to any specific computer because Amped Studio exists in the cloud, and you can access your songs and studio with your password on any computer.

Brilliant musical ideas often come at the most unexpected moment, and in such a situation, it is very convenient to have a suitable instrument at hand that makes it easy to bring these ideas to life.

Functions of the online beatmaker

beatmaker from Apmed Studio

online beatmaker Drumpler

All the basic functionality of a typical DAW is presented here: a playback panel, tempo and rhythm settings, a grid for step sequencing or drawing in notes, a metronome pitch and beat detection and much more. All this is organized simply and clearly. You can work with both audio loops and midi patterns. There are audio and midi editors, a virtual keyboard, processing effects and virtual instruments.

The buttons of the online beat builder Drumpler are fixed behind the keys of the virtual keyboard, which allows you to play drums using a conventional computer keyboard.

The virtual instruments and effects have lots of presets to assist you if you are new to music making and sound design. Presets in the Drumpler are divided by the styles of music. Pop, EDM, Hip-hop, Rock, Funk and much more. You can expand the pool of sounds by purchasing new libraries from the our store with are delivered directly to the studio sound library to make beats online. With a Premium account you can add sounds from your third party sounds from your desktop.

Advantages of our online beatmaker

The platform is an online DAW rooted in the principles of traditional desktop DAWs. This online workstation is unique in its support for VST technology, allowing users to integrate third-party desktop instruments and effects. This has become the industry standard for virtual instruments and effects. It’s noteworthy for being among the first in the realm of online beat-making apps to offer this feature. For those familiar with VST plugins, this tool ensures they don’t have to forgo their preferred plugins or restrict themselves to built-in options.

Additionally, the platform can serve as an audio editor, offering users the convenience of executing basic audio editing and final mastering of tracks using a mix of built-in and external plugins, all in an online environment.

Also, available is a unique feature for online sequencers automation recording. To use it, just connect a midi controller or external start recording and adjust this controller in the process.

online sequencers automation recording

Who might be interested in this bit maker software?

  • beginners and professional beatmakers;
  • songwriters who want to make a demo recording;
  • arrangers;
  • mix engineers;
  • producers.

Make beats together

Several people can work on the project by sending and sharing a link to the production. You may be in different countries, while each of them can share their version of the beat with the others, and then anyone can add their own additions to the composition.

Basic Ideas for Starting Out with easy beat maker

1. Drums: Start with the button

The whole rhythm of the track is determined by the drums. Depending on the style of music selecting the Kick and Snare sound is most important. The first step is to find a suitable Drumpler kit or sample. In this example we have added a Kick drum on every downbeat, 1,2,3,4.

Drums: Start with the button

2. Snare: Getting a backbeat going

To enhance the rhythmic pulse, the Snare is placed, on 2 & 4 of a 1,2,3,4 kick this is the simplest and most basic start to a drum pattern.

Snare: Getting a back beat goingClaps, toms, shakers and other percussion

3. Claps, toms, shakers and other percussion

Claps are most often placed for every second beat or upbeats, once you understand the basic backbeat and pulse you can experiment by adding or replacing notes and positing and instruments.

Claps, toms, shakers and other percussion

Shakers fill the whole row of the drum part.


When arranging percussion, in principle, you can give free rein to your imagination and compose something of your own.

4. Bass

After the drums, try adding the bass. You can use both ready-made loops and come up with your own rhythm. It is believed that the right combination of these two elements provides 90% of the success of the composition.


Next, synthesizer parts are added, filling pads, leads, if necessary, atmospheric filling, but in the most basic version everything is built approximately in the order described above.

All the melodies and rhythmic patterns can be created through the midi editor or recorded manually. The role of browser beat maker online keyboard in such case can perform some midi-device you connected to application, or you can distribute samples on your computer keyboard in a most comfortable way to play on it.

Start working with the free beat maker from Amped Studio, and you will discover even more features and possibilities. Create, enjoy, share inspiration with friends. Write music online and let all your wildest musical ideas be realized.

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