More with Premium

More with premium

Amped Studio provides you with all the tools  you need to learn how to make digital music with instant access to an online studio, sound library and array of virtual instruments and effects, all which can be demoed for free with  video tutorials and posted information  to get you up to speed regardless of previous experience.
This newsletter will focus on what get with a Premium subscription to Amped Studio, unlocking some  excellent tools for music production. Let take a closer look.

The Premium Sound Library sound effects

The Premium Sound Library is a goldmine of sonic resource and inspiration.  Thousands of sounds from contemporary beats  to world loops like Indian tables or Celtic bagpipes,  sound effects, construction kits, chords, sound bites, orchestral loops….it´s all here integrated and searchable directly in Amped Studio.

Premium Sound Library

There are 19 Premium construction kits containing audio and midi files of deconstructed tracks in various genres to help you instantly get going and understanding the  digital music making process.


In the Keyboard folder besides loops and midi files there are long and short chords  in midi and audio to drag and drop into your song.  Dragging in a midi file and opening the note editor will teach you the notes used in that chord.

long and short chords

The Granny Folder – no that does not store pictures of your dear  grandmother but instead holds sounds for use in Granny our Granular Synth!

The Granny Folder

We also have a folder with sounds for our Sampler:


Both these are Premium Instruments the come with the Premium subscription and they extend the sound palette of each instrument.

There are also My Products folder which contains any sample packs you have bought in our Sound Shop for instant access and My Files which stores any personal  or externally recorded sound files you bring into Amped Studio. The major benefit of this is, with your password and Premium account, you can access these sounds on any computer from anywhere!

My Products

Premium Devices

There are 10 premium effects and 4 premium instruments that come with a Premium subscription (all are available to demo with a free account, so you know what you get).

Volt, the most powerful synth online, is the dual oscillator synthesizer for maximum sound design possibilities with lots of controls and presets to take your music to the next level.


The premium effects are all the best available online effects to date!

premium effects

Saving External Recordings:

You can drag in sounds from your desktop or record your voice or guitar/keyboard directly into Amped Studio, but you cannot save these recordings without a premium account.

If you record and save with a premium account you get a time stamp as well.

save with a premium

It also great to use Hum or Beat detection with your voice to make music.

Hum or Beat

There is more including working with “Shared Projects”,  Automation of Device Parameters and VST Remote.

So, for just the price 1 Grande Latte at Starbucks you can have a monthly premium account with Amped Studio! Talk about value….and you can cancel at any time. If you are serious about making music, please join us at Amped Studio where membership has it´s privileges.

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