How to earn money from music

How to earn money from music

In this article, we’ll look at a variety of methods for monetizing your musical talents. Using the online DAW platform Amped Studio, you can create music at a professional level. This includes creating music effects, samples, loops, podcast recording, voice-overs for videos, as well as mixing and mastering, and much more. With this application, you can create a variety of music content that can be distributed on various platforms or used for commercial purposes.

However, to achieve success in the music industry and make money from your music, talent alone is not enough. It is also important to have the skills to effectively promote your creativity and find various sources of income. Let’s look at how you can monetize music and what it will take to do so.

Where to begin?

There is no universal formula for successful earnings. In the world of music, it is important to consider many factors and experiment with different approaches. What is a must-have for a musician seeking to monetize his creativity?

  • Perseverance and patience: Many famous musicians have gone a long way to success and financial stability. Typically, music projects begin to make a profit only after 3-5 years. Therefore, if you are determined to make money from creating music, it is important to be persistent and willing to work;
  • High-quality and in-demand music: To create attractive musical content, it is important to constantly improve your skills, invest in equipment and tools;
  • Audience: Finding and attracting listeners is the key task of every musician. They provide the main income: they attend concerts, download tracks, buy albums. To turn music into a source of income, it is necessary to create a base of loyal fans who will support financially;
  • New contacts: A musician’s success largely depends on the ability to make new connections. Expanding your professional network increases the likelihood of acquiring useful connections and opportunities.


One of the ways that may be of interest to those who want to make money from music is to post their compositions on online streaming services. Such platforms offer artists a certain reward for each listen. The more people listen to your music, the more you will earn.

You can post your music on various services such as Deezer, Apple Music, TikTok, Spotify. The amount of earnings on streaming platforms depends on the listening format, the number of subscribers, location and other factors. In addition, streaming is an effective tool for promoting emerging artists. If your music starts going viral on social media, it can become famous in no time.

Features of working with streaming services

Before you start making money from your music through online services, a musician needs to upload his compositions there. However, on many platforms it is impossible to do this yourself – this will require the help of distributors. Distributors enter into agreements with streaming services, transfer the money they earn to artists and take a certain commission for this.

Representatives of various music labels, such as Sony, Universal, Warner, can also upload music to online audio services. Sometimes labels choose the most promising musicians and invest in their careers, but often take full copyright of the music, including even the artist’s stage name.
Before downloading tracks, those wishing to monetize their music must register on the distributor’s website, provide information about the authorship of lyrics and music, and also prepare a cover in accordance with the technical requirements of the platform. Files are usually uploaded in WAV format and are pre-moderated before publication. Moderation times may vary on different platforms.

Distributors do not receive copyrights to the music; they only upload it to streaming platforms and offer various marketing services, such as moderating groups, promoting and organizing promotional campaigns.
Every day a huge number of tracks are uploaded to streaming platforms, and it is important not to get lost among this stream. Experienced musicians and marketers advise regularly releasing new material, since even getting into playlists compiled by service editors does not guarantee success. It is important that your audience not only notices your work, but also returns to it regularly.

To attract audiences to your music projects, you can use various strategies, such as launching advertising campaigns on social networks, original PR campaigns, or creating your own merchandise line. If there is a lack of time or resources, you can enter into an agreement with a distributor to provide promotion services.

Experts recommend uploading tracks to platforms at least 2-3 days before the planned release, so that there is time to undergo moderation and correct errors if they are found.

Audio stocks and sound libraries

The process by which different sound effects are created is known as sampling. Music tracks created in this way can be presented and sold on audio stocks. On these platforms, people purchase music for videos, advertising campaigns, background accompaniment for computer games, and for other commercial purposes. Authors receive compensation for each download, and sites usually retain a commission of about 20%.

In addition, you can offer for sale not only ready-made tracks, but also samples – individual fragments of instrumental sounds, sound effects, noise. Other musicians can legally use these so-called sound samples in their own compositions after purchasing a license.


The basic idea is to create rhythmic compositions in a specific musical style using computer programs. In this case, it is possible not only to create rhythms, but also to form full-fledged arrangements, as well as record vocal parts.

Here, not only a good ear for music is key, but also the ability to sense rhythm and have an excellent sense of musical tempo. Being skilled at playing an instrument can also help you create more original tracks that stand out from the crowd.


The essence of this direction is to develop full-fledged songs with lyrics, music and vocals. This type of income requires certain knowledge and skills. The minimum threshold includes an understanding of notation, basic DAW skills, and the ability to write rhymes.

It is highly desirable to have knowledge of solfeggio and the basics of constructing musical compositions. A big plus will be a wide erudition in the field of modern musical genres, as well as the ability to work with rhythmic patterns and create complex rhymes.

Major customers for such content include:

  • Aspiring singers who are either unable or unwilling to create their own audio content;
  • Experienced artists who do not have time to create new musical compositions;
  • People who want to dedicate a song to a loved one in honor of a significant event.


Crowdfunding is still not widespread in the music industry, but it is an option worth considering, especially for those musicians who have already managed to attract a certain audience.

Crowdfunding is a method of earning money through donations. In response, the musicians offer campaign participants various privileges: access to exclusive concerts, videos, gifts, and backstage viewing. Fundraising projects help many emerging artists offset the costs of releasing an album and promoting themselves.

Live broadcasts and blog

Live online broadcasts of performances, rehearsals or concerts are another great way for a musician to make money. On the Internet you can not only broadcast your own compositions, but also interact with the audience and answer their questions. A musician can earn money by receiving donations from fans or by advertising.

If you have interesting music ideas, share them through your own blog. The ideal solution would be to find your own unique niche and actively promote it. For example, some musicians focus on creating music shows, while others add gamification elements to their audio content, or combine their tracks with original videos.

Music therapy

Music therapy is a field in which professionals known as music therapists use music to help people improve their emotional and physical well-being. They work with people with a variety of health or developmental needs using sounds, musical instruments, and vocal techniques. In some cases, specialists may also refer to proper breathing and sound production in their work, depending on the tasks at hand.

Music therapy helps cope with stress and stabilize the psycho-emotional state. This is an interdisciplinary direction that combines aspects of music, pedagogy, psychology and even medicine. Musical exercises based on special techniques stimulate different parts of the brain, helping to achieve your goals.

To work in this field, it is desirable to have skills in playing several musical instruments, including winds, keyboards and percussion. It is also useful to have basic teaching training and an understanding of the basics of psychology.

Work to order

Creating commercial tracks and sound design can be an additional source of income. Soundtracks are in demand by film studios, football clubs, event organizers, animators and bloggers. Especially in demand:

  • trailer music;
  • advertising compositions and voice-overs for videos;
  • musical accompaniment for cartoons;
  • corporate anthems;
  • musical congratulations.

This is a fascinating area where you can experiment with different formats to create a product that exactly meets the client’s needs. To successfully work and develop in this field, it is important to be able to write music of different genres, actively communicate with customers and promote yourself as a creative performer.

Another option that may become popular is writing custom songs for other performers. This is a great way for lesser-known musicians to showcase their creativity and get a head start. You can sell your compositions through social networks or by contacting recording studios, many of which are open to working with novice authors and prefer proposals from promising musicians to famous performers.

Social networks and blogs

With the help of blogs and social networks, you can not only promote your music products, but also attract the attention of your audience, which can subsequently bring additional income.

Social networks are great for creating a personal brand, which is important for both solo artists and groups. Fans appreciate the opportunity to follow the daily life of interesting musicians, so it is important to constantly update the content on your pages: share stories, publish posts, shoot a variety of videos in which you can share something funny or serious, revealing information about yourself and your work.

Moreover, this is an effective way to announce the sale of merchandise, the release of new tracks or albums, upcoming concerts and much more. Successful public pages and pages can be well monetized through advertising, but for this you need to have a significant number of subscribers and actively develop your profile.

Video lessons

The wave of online learning is spreading to the music field as well. Despite the peculiarities of this format, many today are interested in this method of learning. Although in remote classes there is no direct contact between teacher and student, it opens up the opportunity to study with teachers from different regions and even countries.

To attract students, you can post information about yourself on various online platforms, for example, create a channel on Telegram. It is convenient to conduct classes using various video communication services, such as Skype or Zoom. This approach allows you to earn money from anywhere in the world where there is access to a stable Internet.

To get started, you will need a high-definition webcam and high-quality audio equipment. This will provide more accurate observation of the student in the process of mastering a musical instrument and will allow you to pay attention to all the subtleties of performance when teaching vocals.

Selling voice

Another way to earn money remotely for people with a good ear for music and a pleasant voice is to sell their own voice on web sites. Today, the demand for one’s own voice has increased due to its use in voice-overs for advertising videos, content for video platforms and games. There are even specialized markets for selling voice services.

Cosmetics brands, banks, IT companies and clothing manufacturers need unique and interesting voices. The first clients can be found on freelancing platforms, on social networks, on specialized resources for selling audio content, as well as in microstock agencies.

To start searching for clients, you should create several demo records. It is recommended to record your voice in different tones and moods, in different languages, to demonstrate your versatility and adaptability.

Podcast recording

During the pandemic, interest in podcasts has increased significantly. Many famous personalities and companies have started creating their own audio episodes. If you have something to say, this is a great opportunity! Through podcasts, you can convey your thoughts to your audience and also include your own musical work in episodes, which adds variety and uniqueness to the content.

To create high-quality podcasts, you need to have the appropriate equipment: microphones, stands, audio processing programs and high-quality sound cards. It is also important not to forget about promotion. Advertising on social networks and cooperation with popular bloggers for mutual promotion helps with this.

How to make money offline music

Live performances

For beginning musicians, concerts are usually not the main source of income. It is often difficult for little-known artists to earn money even to organize a performance. However, it is still worth performing. This helps you develop your craft, attract new listeners, interact with fans live, and increase your brand awareness in the music industry, which can ultimately lead to earning money as a music artist.

Events and festivals

Another way to make money in the music industry is by performing at private events. Payments for performances at corporate parties, weddings and other events often exceed income from concerts, and for many artists it becomes the main source of income.

For aspiring singers, it is worth trying their hand at public city events. This is a great opportunity to attract attention and demonstrate your talent to a wide audience.

Music competitions

Yes, sometimes participation in music competitions may require some expenses – payment for accommodation, making costumes, as well as entry fees. However, this is often a great opportunity to showcase your talent and draw attention to your work, which can then become a starting point for you to start making money by creating and selling music.

Battles and shows

Battles, especially common in rap, have become an extremely popular format. One of the most famous projects in this area is Versus. However, even in your musical style you can find unique ideas for such competitions. After all, reality television is a format that still captivates audiences and can be successfully executed with interesting ideas.

Third Party Projects

To promote your project or get the opportunity to earn extra money, you can participate in various third-party projects. For example, joining a group that is more famous in musical circles. This is an excellent option for advertising and self-development.

At the same time, you can participate both in live performances and join various Internet projects. If you search, you will find interesting and promising options that can bring very good results in the future.


Every musician who creates musical compositions or writes lyrics has the opportunity to register copyrights for them and receive compensation for using them for commercial purposes. The copyright registration process has its challenges, but it is an important step to take if your goal is to make money from the music you create.

Teaching activities

If you love sharing your knowledge and passion for music, a career in teaching is worth considering. This can be a great opportunity to conduct master classes in playing instruments, teaching vocals, recording and arranging.

Selling music to companies and entertainment venues

Those who are considering the opportunity to make money by selling their own music, both online and offline, should pay attention to the sound creation segment. Unique music content finds its way into a variety of entertainment venues such as escape rooms, laser tag and augmented reality shows.

Music plays an important role in these establishments, providing a background sound that helps enhance the overall ambience and enhance the experience. The choice of music genre depends on the concept of each individual project, but ambient and similar directions are often in demand.

Such projects are present in many large cities, and establishing contact with the owners of such establishments is usually easier than attracting famous artists or film directors.

Rent out a rehearsal room

For those who have deep knowledge in the music field and feel confident in this environment, there is an opportunity to consider additional ways to earn money. One such option is to open your own rehearsal space and rent it out to other musicians. The problem of finding a suitable and equipped space for music practice is relevant in many large cities.

When preparing a room, it is important to pay attention to high-quality sound insulation to ensure a comfortable working atmosphere. Good audio equipment, microphones and mixing consoles are also required. Additionally, you may need musical instruments such as guitars and drums, as well as lighting to create the right atmosphere in the room.

Session freelancing

This option represents an excellent earning opportunity for people with musical education, especially for those who are masters of any musical instrument. Many sound engineers, arrangers and sound producers often require solo parts on saxophone, cello, and piano for their projects. Talented vocalists are also in great demand.

Management and marketing

Another option for musicians to make money through music is to work as an artist manager. For those who have already gained some experience in the music industry, but for some reason decided not to develop their own brand, this is a great opportunity.

If you have the desire, you can always master the intricacies of product management, study in detail the organization of concerts and events, improve your skills in the field of SMM and other methods of brand promotion.

Organizing your own events

This approach can be effective, but it is suitable for musicians who are familiar with organizing events and understand the specifics of working with different concert venues. It is also important to have a network and support of allies, as well as creative ideas.

Organizing festivals, concerts or tours requires the ability to make quick decisions, respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances and find solutions to problems. If you have the necessary skills and qualities, then this way of making money from music may be suitable for you.

Sale of vinyl and CDs

Think again: CDs and vinyl are back in style and sales are skyrocketing. Indeed, in 2019, vinyl and CD sales grew by 5% and 13%, respectively. In the first half of the year alone, sales of these media brought in more than $700 million in revenue to the music industry.

And it doesn’t mean you have to be a star with a massive following to sell CDs. Even as an amateur musician, you can set up a booth at concerts and offer your CDs to your audience to earn extra cash.

Make Money Streaming Music

In today’s world, most music listeners prefer streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to access their favorite music. It’s important to note that streaming currently accounts for a whopping 80% of all music industry revenue.

For a musician looking to excel, having his music on these streaming platforms is essential. However, be careful: relying solely on music streaming income is not worth it unless you are one of the few who reach millions of streams. Apple Music, for example, only pays out one cent per listen, which means you need to attract a huge number of listeners to make a decent amount of money.

However, some artists on Spotify, where more than 13,000 artist catalogs earn at least $50,000, show that it is entirely possible. Although many people make money by selling their music on Spotify, this service remains one of the most popular.

Moreover, having your music available on streaming platforms will help attract more listeners to your work. And the more people know about your music, the more you can make by selling music files and other merchandise to your fans.

Become a session or studio musician

Here is another simple method of earning money for a musician. Studio and session musicians may be hired to perform as instrumentalists in the studio or on stage for other artists and bands on a temporary basis. While this isn’t the most effective way to build your own brand as a musician, since you’ll be working in the background supporting someone else, it’s still an easy way to make money doing what you love.

Selling beats

Music producers have the opportunity to earn significant amounts of money by selling beats to rappers, lyricists and companies. One effective way to sell beats is to use your own website, which allows you to keep all the profits. However, it is also possible to sell your work on popular online platforms such as Airbit and Beatstars.

Selling your knowledge

You also don’t have to be a teacher to share your musical knowledge. There are many other ways to monetize your expertise, such as creating online music courses – from theory to composition. Using course platforms like Podia or Thinkific will make it easier for you to launch and sell online courses.

The advantage of selling courses is that it can become a source of passive income. Once you create a course, you can sell it multiple times with virtually no extra effort.

To get started, record a video course, register on the course platform, and upload it. Plus, both Podia and Thinkific offer free plans so you can get started without any investment. Additionally, consider publishing your course on popular marketplaces like Udemy or Skillshare.

Selling sound effects

YouTube content creators, film producers, and other creative types are always in need of sound effects. Use your musical skills and instruments to create your own sound effects that you can sell online on platforms like AudioJungle or through your own website.

Selling sound effects individually can be ineffective, so it’s better to create a collection and combine them into themed sound effect packs.

Selling behind-the-scenes content

An additional way to increase your income is to sell behind the scenes content such as documentaries, sheet music, master files, etc. to your biggest fans. This can be done through platforms like Patreon, which provide the opportunity to create an exclusive members-only area and sell access to it to fans who want to support your work by signing up for monthly pledges.

Besides Patreon, there are also many alternative platforms that offer similar services. It is recommended to study them to choose the best option for yourself.

Selling lyrics

If you have skills in writing lyrics, then there is an opportunity to earn money as a songwriter by offering your lyrics to other musicians. Today, there are many online platforms like SongBay and SoundBetter that make this process easier and help you promote your creations.

Sell NFTs

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are all the rage right now. This type of digital asset has been hailed as the future of art collecting, but while many associate NFTs with digital works, it also presents unique opportunities for musicians.

If you’re not already aware, NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that use blockchain technology and cannot be replicated. They can refer to real assets, such as works of art or, in our case, music.

Creating an NFT allows you to create tokens that confirm ownership of a new album, song, or other audio recording, and then sell them to your fans and collectors.

There are many online platforms dedicated to selling music NFTs that can help with this process, such as OpenSea.io. To get started, you need to create an account on OpenSea and a Metamask Ethereum wallet, then create a collection of music that you want to represent as an NFT, create the corresponding tokens and list them for sale on the OpenSea marketplace.

Collect donations

Many music fans love to support artists whose tracks they enjoy. If you don’t want to sell your music directly to your fans, you still have the opportunity to make money as a music artist by providing your music for free and accepting donations from those who want to show support.

There are many platforms that help in this process. Many musicians use membership platforms like Patreon to receive support, but there are also opportunities to raise one-time donations through platforms like Buy Me a Coffee.

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is a unique platform for musicians that opens up many opportunities. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the music industry, creating your own YouTube channel is a necessary step. However, apart from promotion, you can also earn money directly through this platform.

The easiest way to monetize on YouTube is through the AdSense program. Once your channel has enough subscribers and views, you can place ads in your music videos and earn income from views and ad clicks.

Another way to make money on YouTube is by using the channel to promote your online store or affiliate programs like Amazon Associates to promote the tools and equipment you use.

Use Content ID to earn money from other YouTube videos

YouTube is a unique platform for musicians that opens up many opportunities. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the music industry, creating your own YouTube channel is a necessary step. However, apart from promotion, you can also earn money directly through this platform.

The easiest way to monetize on YouTube is through the AdSense program. Once your channel has enough subscribers and views, you can place ads in your music videos and earn income from views and ad clicks.

Another way to make money on YouTube is by using the channel to promote your online store or affiliate programs like Amazon Associates to promote the tools and equipment you use.

Use Content ID to earn money from other YouTube videos

YouTube is a unique platform for musicians that opens up many opportunities. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the music industry, creating your own YouTube channel is a necessary step. However, apart from promotion, you can also earn money directly through this platform.

The easiest way to monetize on YouTube is through the AdSense program. Once your channel has enough subscribers and views, you can place ads in your music videos and earn income from views and ad clicks.

Another way to make money on YouTube is by using the channel to promote your online store or affiliate programs like Amazon Associates to promote the tools and equipment you use.

Collect digital royalties

If your music is streamed on platforms where the user does not interact with the content, such as Pandora, cable music channels, or webcasters, you are entitled to royalties for the playback. To receive these digital royalties, you just need to register with a service, such as SoundExchange.

Sponsorship deals

If you have a significant audience, you can start making money through lucrative sponsorship deals. Many companies are willing to sponsor musicians and other influencers to expand their reach and draw attention to their products.

You don’t have to be a world-famous musician to sign sponsorship deals. Many brands are willing to collaborate with small but influential personalities and musicians who have their own audience.

Become a mixing engineer

If you have experience in audio editing and know how to work with a DAW, then you can make a living doing mixing engineering. Mixing engineers are responsible for mixing pre-recorded tracks to create the finished song. It’s an art that takes time and experience, but if you know your stuff, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work with.

The mixing process typically involves tasks such as level balancing, panning, audio processing, effects adjustments, and more.

Open a record label

Tired of waiting for a record company to sign you? Why don’t you consider creating your own? Record labels record, distribute and promote their artists’ music, receiving a portion of their income in return. The most successful record labels in the world make billions of dollars every year, so there are endless possibilities ahead of you.

Rent out a recording studio

If you’re into music and have some money to invest, why not try setting up your own recording studio and renting it out to other musicians? The investment to start such a project can be significant, but once it’s up and running, you can charge by the hour and earn a decent amount of money.

DJ events

Every day there are a huge number of events where DJs are required: from club parties and weddings to private parties and other events. Taking advantage of this demand, you can make money by providing DJ services. Also, by playing your own tracks at these events, you can expand your audience and establish your name in the industry.

Sell sample packs

Sample packs are collections of audio files that include audio loops and individual audio samples that music producers can include in their tracks. You can create your own samples by recording sounds with instruments you’re familiar with, experiment with recording sounds from everyday objects, or use your favorite virtual instruments in your music workstation.

Sell Unique Music Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online freelancing platform where anyone can offer their services. There are already many musicians out there providing services such as music production, lyrics writing, mixing and mastering, beat making, etc. However, the competition on this platform is quite fierce.

To stand out from your competitors, you can offer unique or innovative music services that no one else offers. There are already many musicians on Fiverr who are successfully using this approach and making good money.

For example, there is a seller who takes voice messages and turns them into original songs, and another who creates cover versions of any composition in the style of 8-bit tunes. There’s even a vendor that offers special virtual serenades from a mariachi band!

All these non-standard services are popular and bring good income. So if you have a fresh idea, you can successfully earn money from this platform.

Sale of presets for virtual instruments and effects

We’ve already discussed selling sample packs and sound effects. Selling presets works in a similar way, but creating them is usually simpler.
You can choose any virtual instrument or effect as long as you have enough audience.

Synth presets are one of the most popular options. The main thing is to choose a synthesizer that is in demand and that you are familiar with. At the moment, presets for Massive X and Serum seem to be the most popular.
The next step is to find a place to sell them. You can choose a one-time payment platform like Pluginboutique. Or you can choose a subscription-based service like Splice. You can also sell presets directly through Sellfy.

Or you can combine both options – sell them through your own website and online store. The main thing is to make sure that the market does not demand exclusivity of presets.

But that’s not all there is to sell. For example, if you’re a guitarist, you can create presets for guitar modelers (like Line6 Helix, Headrush or Kemper Profiler) or cabinet simulations. Entire businesses are developing around these types of presets.


So, let’s summarize and figure out whether it is possible to make money on music? In order for your favorite musical activity to become a source of income, you need to be prepared for long-term work and have patience.
Experienced musicians say it will take several years to build your own audience and achieve success. However, this does not mean that the musician will remain without income throughout this period. There are many ways to monetize your music skills, and it is important to find the one that is most suitable and comfortable for you. In this case, income can come from various sources – royalties, income from streaming services or lessons, performances at live concerts or online broadcasts.

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