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Online piano

Play the piano anytime, anywhere. Amped Studio offers a virtual instrument with which you can practice music, even if there is no piano, synthesizer or midi keyboard nearby. All you need is a computer or a mobile device with internet access. Online piano helps musicians of any level to compose melodies, learn chords and just have fun. To play sounds, use your computer keyboard or smartphone screen. Start right now and see how easy it is.

On which devices does the online piano runs?

It works via an internet browser. Therefore, it functions on any platform where Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or other similar application is installed.

  • PC;
  • Laptop;
  • Tablet;
  • Smartphone.

This is not a program in the traditional sense, not an application or even a plugin. You need to use a virtual piano online, right on the web, it does not require downloading, installing and downloading libraries. You won’t need any browser extensions either. There are three ways to press the keys.

  • Through the computer keyboard;
  • By clicking on the active area of the page;
  • By pressing your fingers on the touch screen of your mobile device.

What is convenient a virtual keyboard with a piano?

Inspiration is unpredictable: it can rush in at the most inopportune moment. This happens all the time: you’re on the bus, and suddenly a brilliant musical phrase comes to your mind. You just plug the headphones into your smartphone and select which notes it is played on to remember.

Or you are sitting in pairs, falling asleep to the monotonous grumbling of the teacher, and a crazy hook suddenly pops up in your half-asleep consciousness. You open a virtual piano with a keyboard on your tablet – and quickly work out the sequence of notes.

And what if, in compiling the annual report, you suddenly came up with an incredible harmonic move? Few people have a grand piano in their office. But right on the office PC, you can check how the new harmony sounds and record the chords.

What opportunities does an online piano have?

This is a polyphonic instrument, it can play several sounds at the same time. Therefore, you can play chords on it, or you can lead a one-voice line. There is a metronome, several modes for adjusting the sound to your taste and other functions.

  • Imitation of different instruments;
  • Overlay sound effects;
  • Connecting a midi keyboard;
  • Recording and editing.

It is possible to connect external keys and use your midi piano online. Switching between instruments allows you to instantly check how the melody will sound if it is performed by a violin, guitar, organ or piano. So you can immediately imagine the backbone of the arrangement in your head.

If you compose music in a collective, the invented fragment can be immediately recorded, corrected and sent to the co-author to work with him further. Recording from the keyboard of the online piano also allows you to share music with friends or listen to it after a while and make edits.

The program has an intuitive interface that can be easily understood, even by someone who has never seen either a synthesizer or a piano. The keys are marked with letters – it is impossible to get confused.

How to play the piano online for beginners?

This virtual instrument is suitable for those who have never dealt with real keys in their life, but wanted to play. The online version is just what you need in such a situation. Suddenly it will tighten? Suddenly, a talent that was just waiting in the wings will be revealed? The virtual online piano helps to answer these questions just the same. It inspires those who take their first steps to study music.

You don’t need to know how to hold your hands properly, how to position your fingers on black and white keys, how to read notes. Skills are not required at all. A person gets used to matching the keys on the screen and the buttons on the computer in a few minutes. It’s even easier to play on a tablet.

How do musicians use online piano?

Melodies appear without warning. While you connect a midi keyboard to your computer and load plug-ins, the music leaves as suddenly as it came. To forget a cool phrase, to lose a motive, to stray from the topic is the most offensive thing for producers and musicians. Something worthwhile may not come for months afterwards.

And the online piano keyboard helps a lot in such cases. There is no need to connect, install, download anything. Everything works at once. If you bookmark a site, it can be opened instantly, with one click.

How else can online piano be used?

Many people visit the page just to have fun, have fun and improvise. You can play the online piano in order to relax and get fresh emotions.

Open it with friends on several laptops – and have fun together. Organize a real orchestra or band. There are all the sounds for this, even percussion. This is an unusual format of communication and entertainment.

Virtual online piano helps many people to learn. If you are reading a theoretical article, for example, about frets or chords, just switch between tabs and immediately lay out a Dorian fret, an enlarged chord, or anything else on the keys.

Join the community of online musicians. Create, learn, enjoy. May your music always stay with you, no matter where you are.

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