Some good news from Amped Studio

good news from Amped Studio

Greetings Amped Studio Users!

Let´s kick off the summer with some good news from Amped Studio with some new features we have recently added.

  1. Offline rendering – this means exporting audio is much faster now!
  2. More export audio options like various mp3 sizes, mono or stereo and segment selection export.
  3. Import and Export a Project file!

Let´s have a closer look:

When you export you will have download choices MP3 or Wav, Mono or Stereo, whole project or selected loop segment.

choices MP3 or Wav

If you are unfamiliar with these format sizes for mp3, the higher the number, the better sound quality but it makes it a larger file with a slower download time.  MP3 are compressed files so they are smaller, faster but do not the same quality of WAV files.

All the new additions for export audio and project file import/export are found under the menu:


menu Amped Studio

We have midi export and a few other big developments coming in the next couple weeks so stay tuned, stay cool and keep making music with Amped Studio!

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