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Online DAW Amped Studio is at the forefront of the transformation in today’s sound workshops. Thanks to technological inspiration, there is a significant revolution, leading to the emergence of tools that make creativity more accessible and fun. Digital audio workstations, or DAWs, are central to this evolution, changing the way music is made and recorded. In this article, we delve into the essence of the online DAW, its significance in the current music industry, and examine how Amped Studio offers innovative solutions for musicians and audio engineers with its powerful virtual studio tools.

Online DAW

What features does our Online DAW have for music production


The sequencer tool in Amped Studio is a powerful tool for organizing and managing DAW music and audio events. This tool allows musicians and producers to make , edit and arrange musical compositions by placing audio events on the timeline.

Key features of the sequencer tool in online DAW Amped Studio include:

  • Multi-track support: The sequencer allows you to work with multiple tracks (tracks) at the same time. This makes it possible to make complex compositions, including various instruments and audio effects;
  • Timeline based interface: The sequencer provides the user with a timeline on which to accurately place and edit audio events such as notes, chords, audio and MIDI data. This allows you to accurately synchronize the various elements of the composition;
  • MIDI and audio support: The sequencer supports both MIDI and audio data. This means that you can make melodies and chords using virtual instruments, as well as add real sound recordings;
  • Editing and arranging: Our free online DAW provides a variety of tools for editing audio events. You’re able to change the length of notes, alter the pitch, adjust the volume, apply MIDI effects, and more. Additionally, you may arrange the song by rearranging and copying audio events;
  • Looping and repeating: The sequencer also provides looping and repeating functions, which makes it easy to make looped motives or phrases;
  • Integration with other instruments and effects: our online DAW allows you to integrate the sequencer with other virtual instruments and audio effects in your virtual studio. This gives you endless possibilities for creating unique sounds and sonic images.

MIDI editor

The MIDI Editor in online DAW is a powerful and intuitive tool for creating and editing DAW music based on MIDI data. This tool allows you to bring your musical ideas to life by controlling every note and expressive aspect of your composition.

In the MIDI editor interface, you can visually position notes on the time axis using the Piano roll, giving you precise control over the melodic structure. You will be able to make and edit chords, melodies and rhythm patterns by dragging and changing the notes of your choice.

In addition, the MIDI editor in Amped Studio free DAW software supports quantization features that allow you to easily align notes to the beat grid, ensuring accuracy and timing in your DAW music. You can edit controllers and change parameters, adding expressiveness and dynamics to your compositions.

Virtual Instrument (VST) integration allows you to use a variety of audio and effect plug-ins to enrich your music. In addition, the MIDI editor provides the ability to import and export MIDI files, making it easy to collaborate with other musicians and share materials.

VST plugins

VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is a standard that allows third party developers to make virtual instruments and effects that can be integrated and used in various DAW music applications such as DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation).

The VST plugin support feature in Amped Studio web DAW (or any other DAW) provides users with the following options:

  1. Expansion of the audio arsenal: With support for VST plugins, you can use a wide range of virtual instruments, including synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and many others. This allows you to expand your collection of sounds and make a variety of musical textures;
  2. Applying Effects: You can add virtual effects to your sounds and audio tracks. This includes reverb, equalizers, compressors, distortion and many more effects to help shape the sound you want;
  3. Sound customization: Support for VST plugins gives you the ability to customize the audio and effects parameters according to your needs and creative vision;
  4. Compatibility with other instruments: You can utilize your preferred virtual instruments and effects previously used in other applications to maintain consistency and continue working on existing projects;
  5. Workflow integration: VST plugins integrate directly into the online DAW interface, allowing you to instantly add and adjust audio and effect layers without having to switch between different programs.

Drum Machine Drumpler

Drumpler is an innovative tool introduced in Amped Studio online DAW that opens up new horizons for creating exciting and quality rhythmic compositions. Combining an intuitive interface with powerful features, Drumpler empowers musicians and producers to express themselves creatively and unleash their drum rhythm potential.

Make unique rhythmic textures by enriching your compositions with a variety of drum sounds and percussion. Drumpler allows you to import your own samples or use the rich collection of sounds provided in the instrument. Whether it’s deep bass hits, sharp snares or ringing hi-hats, you’ll be free to manipulate sounds to make the sound you want.

With Drumpler you have complete control over the rhythmic structure. Sequence drum patterns, edit audio lengths, apply effects, and add automation for dynamic sound changes. Thanks to integration into our web DAW, you can easily integrate drum patterns into your musical compositions and arrangements.

However, Drumpler is not just a tool for creating beats. It also becomes an inspiration with its modulation and synthesis features. Make unique drum sounds from scratch by experimenting with synthesis options and adding effects to make your audio truly unique.

HumBeatz: Your Melodies, Your Voice

HumBeatz is a revolutionary feature added to Amped Studio free DAW software that allows you to make music using your voice and humming. Now, your melodic ideas become the basis for exciting compositions, and your voice transforms into a tool for creating amazing sounds.

With HumBeatz in online DAW, you can literally “sing” your tunes to life. Just walk or hum your ideas into the microphone and HumBeatz will automatically convert your voice to MIDI data. Now you can use these MIDI notes to control virtual instruments, make melodies and harmonies, and even experiment with sounds.

With HumBeatz you can be not only the author of melodies, but also unique sounds. Use different timbres of your voice to make sounds that cannot be obtained by any other means. This opens up great creative possibilities for you and allows you to personalize your music.

HumBeatz also makes the music making process easier for those who don’t have the skills to play an instrument. Instead of learning the keys or the strings, you can just play your ideas with your voice. This makes the process of creating music more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

In addition to this, HumBeatz integrates flawlessly into Amped Studio free DAW software. You can easily enable this feature, record your voice and start experimenting with melodies and sounds. With HumBeatz your voice becomes a creative tool and you can create amazing pieces of music that audio the way you intended.

Online piano: Virtual keys for your creativity

Online Piano is an amazing feature introduced in Amped Studio free DAW software that allows you to play on a virtual keyboard, create melodies and harmonies, even if you don’t have a physical musical instrument. This innovative tool opens up a world of musical creativity where you can express your ideas and emotions through keyboard sounds.

With Online Piano in our online DAW, you can create music easily and conveniently right in your web browser. Just open the instrument and you will be presented with a virtual keyboard with octaves that you can choose from. Whether you’re playing a real instrument or not, you’ll be able to create sounds that audio the way you want.

With online piano you can create a variety of melodies and chords. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or an experienced producer, virtual keys allow you to quickly and intuitively bring your musical ideas to life. You can experiment with different tempos, rhythms and sounds to create your own unique audio .

You can also use various sound patches and settings to add variety and expression to your melodies and harmonies. You can apply effects, adjust volume and panning to create complete arrangements within the program.
Importantly, the online piano is seamlessly integrated into the digital creation workflow. You can easily combine virtual piano sounds with other online DAW instruments and features to craft beautiful and emotional compositions.

Chord Progression Generator: Harmony Inspiration

Chord Progression Generator is an amazing idea implemented in Amped Studio online DAW that helps you create unique and emotionally rich harmonies for your musical compositions. This innovative tool becomes your ally in your creative writing process, providing a variety of chord progressions that inspire and infuse your compositions with emotional richness.

With the Chord Progression Generator in online DAW, the process of creating harmonies becomes interesting and creative. You can easily experiment with different types of chords and their sequences to find the perfect audio for your song. Regardless of your level of musical knowledge, this tool allows you to achieve professional results.

Choose from a variety of styles and moods to create your own harmonic foundation. From bright and joyful progressions to deep and melancholic ones, the Chord Progression Generator provides many options to help you capture the emotional content of your music.

The advantage of the Chord Progression Generator in Amped Studio online DAW is also its ability to be customized to your creative needs. You can change the tempo, tone, duration, and chord progression to accurately express your musical vision. This gives you complete control over which harmonies will play in your music.

Chord Progression Generator integration in Amped Studio online DAW ensures a smooth and natural blend with your workflow. You can easily turn on this tool, create multiple harmonies and choose the one that best suits your composition.

AI Music Generator

AI Generator is an innovative feature introduced in Amped Studio online DAW that blends the creativity of the musician with the power of artificial intelligence. This unique tool gives you the ability to craft sounds using state-of-the-art algorithms, opening up new horizons for your creativity.

The AI Generator utilizes machine learning and generation algorithms to produce melodies, harmonies, and rhythm patterns. You can set specific parameters and styles, and then watch as the artificial intelligence creates unique pieces based on your input.

With this generator, you can quickly experiment with different ideas. If you have an overall concept but need to elaborate on it with new melodic solutions, AI can be your creative partner, providing you with options to inspire you.

Online voice recorder

Online DAW, like any similar application, provides the ability to record voice. It is enough to connect a microphone, create a new track for recording and click on the “Record” button. In addition, you can easily record the sound of various instruments, including guitars, synths, drums, and more. While maximum recording quality certainly requires a complete studio environment with acoustic isolation and all the necessary equipment, it is worth noting that the Amped Studio itself inherently provides the opportunity for professional recording in various genres.

Features of Online DAW Beneficial for Both Beginners and Professionals

Collective cooperation

Have you ever wondered, “Is there a collaborative DAW?” In the online DAW, Amped Studio, there is the possibility of collective music making. Imagine you’re a producer wanting to create a track, but you need a guitarist and a vocalist. Even if these musicians are in different parts of the world, the Amped Studio online DAW allows you to initiate your own project and share it with anyone. Each participant can join the project online, adding vocals or playing instruments. Plus, you retain full control over the project’s progress, monitoring the entire process in real time.

Online learning to create music

Our online DAW has now enriched its features with the addition of video chat for two participants. This new feature allows you to share knowledge and skills in creating music over the Internet. You enter a video chat and watch your partner’s actions on the screen, while you can replay their actions or contribute your ideas. Thus, you can take on the role of both a mentor and a learner, depending on the situation and needs.


With automation, you can record and manage changes in various parameters over time. This means you can create smooth or abrupt changes in volume, panning, filtering and other effects to give your music momentum and emotional depth.

For example, you can use automation to gradually increase the volume of your track’s intro, creating an exhilarating escalating effect. Or you can slowly change the filter settings to add mystique and change the character of the sound in different parts of the song.

Amped Studio online DAW provides you with intuitive tools for creating and editing automations. You can easily create precise change curves and fine-tune activation points. This gives you complete control over how your music evolves and changes over time.

In addition, automation can be applied not only to effects, but also to virtual instruments. You can change synth parameters, modulate sounds, and create complex arrangements using these dynamic changes.

Online DAW with a constantly updated sample library

One of the key strengths of Amped Studio online DAW is its extensive internal sample library, which gives musicians and producers access to a wide range of sounds and textures. This library is a real treasure trove of creativity, enriching your compositions with a variety of elements and inspiring you to create unique sound works.

What makes the internal sample library in Amped Studio online DAW especially valuable is its constant updating. The development team is constantly working on adding new samples, sounds and instruments to bring you up-to-date sound resources. This means your music will always be at the forefront of sonic innovation.

From effects and percussion to melodic and atmospheric sounds, Amped Studio’s internal sample library provides endless creative options. You can search and choose among different categories and genres to find the perfect sounds for your compositions.

The constantly updated sample library also means you’ll always be inspired to create anew. New sounds and instruments allow you to experiment, create unique arrangements and add fresh elements to your compositions.

Is there a free online DAW?

Yes, there is! Amped Studio offers a virtual music studio space suitable for both beginners and professionals. One of the standout features of Amped Studio is its high portability. You don’t need to install anything on your computer, and it’s designed to use minimal resources since all the heavy computing is done on remote servers.

For those just starting out or on a tight budget, there’s a FREE tariff tailored for beginner musicians and composers. It costs $0 per month, allowing users to experience the platform without any financial commitment. If you’re an advanced musician looking for more features, there are two additional tariffs. The PREMIUM plan, priced at $4.99 per month, offers extended capabilities. And for those seeking cutting-edge features like AI Assistant for music generation and Splitter for track separation, the PREMIUM +AI tariff is available at $9.99 per month.

You don’t need to make an immediate decision about which plan to choose. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the platform to determine how it best fits your needs. One thing’s for sure, many users appreciate Amped Studio for its ease of use, making it one of the easiest online DAWs to integrate into your music production process, regardless of whether you opt for the free or a more expensive plan.

We wish you productive creativity! Make your own musical masterpieces with us!

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