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Recording software

For many beginner musicians, the idea of recording can be daunting. It often involves saving up money to go to a studio and carefully rehearsing the material beforehand, sometimes even replacing guitar strings and mentally preparing themselves. Others invest in software and equipment to set up their own production studio at home, which can be even more costly.

However, for some musicians, recording has become a regular and effortless activity that doesn’t require significant expenses or preparation. Online software for audio recording provides musicians with the ability to instantly digitize their musical ideas, anywhere and anytime. Amped Studio is an excellent tool for working with vocals, guitars, and other live instruments.

This music recording software operates similarly to a DAW, which is the standard software used by composers, producers, arrangers, and sound engineers. However, Amped Studio runs on any device that has an internet browser, eliminating the need to install programs or libraries. This software can function independently, and all you need is access to the internet.

How to capture sound in Amped Studio?

To begin recording audio in Amped Studio, start by creating a new project in the sequencer, which will automatically generate one track. You can then add as many tracks as needed by clicking on the plus sign and assigning each track a name for better organization. Once the tracks are set up, you can begin recording your sound.

  • To begin recording on a specific track, click on the microphone icon for that track. If you want to record a guitar, for instance, selecting that track will activate it while disabling all the others. If none of the icons are highlighted in red, recording will not initiate;
  • To get started with recording audio in Amped Studio, you need to select a tempo and time signature and activate the metronome. The built-in metronome in this audio recording software will help you keep track of the beats and play smoothly. The tempo you choose determines the speed of the beats and creates a rhythmic grid for your recording, while the time signature allows you to count specific beats. Most pieces of music use the standard 4/4 time signature, but you can select a different one if needed;
  • To begin recording, press the prominent red button. However, before doing so, make sure to connect a microphone to the audio input of your computer or audio interface. Without a microphone, using music recording software would be pointless since it can only record audio through it. For recording an electric guitar, you’ll need to connect it through a cord;
  • Revise the recorded material by cutting clips that are out of rhythm and realigning them to the grid. Scissors are the most commonly used tool in any audio recording software for this purpose. You can also create volume automation for each track to make louder sections quieter and quieter sections louder.

What additional functionalities does Amped Studio provide?

Professional music recording software offers a diverse range of tools, effects, and features that are designed to enhance the quality and richness of the recorded material, streamline the production process, and refine the arrangement to its fullest potential.

Effects. Top-notch audio recording software developers equip their products with an array of virtual instruments. Similarly, Amped Studio provides such features as well. Reverb and delay enhance the volume and enrich the sound quality. Distortion adds harmonics and distortion to the recording, while the compressor balances the volume and adds depth.

Virtual instruments. In addition to its audio recording features, Amped Studio provides synthesizers, samplers, and a drum machine. While not directly related to recording, these tools allow for creating a complete arrangement and enhancing the recorded tracks. Amped Studio also allows for the use of VST plugins from a computer, which is a feature not offered by all online audio recording software.

Group work mode. With online music recording software, you have the flexibility to assign different tasks to different team members. For instance, one team member can handle recording, another can work on arrangement, a third can focus on beats, while a fourth can take care of editing and so on. Additionally, online music recording software enables multiple team members to work on the production simultaneously from different computers.

Mobility. You can easily record tracks on your home computer, and then edit and process them on your laptop while enjoying a walk in the park. The software works seamlessly on all operating systems, be it Windows, Chrome OS or MacOS. The only requirement is that you have a browser and access to the Internet.

The methods of recording music continue to evolve over time. Initially, musicians had to rely on professional studios, but then began to record music at home. With the introduction of software such as Amped Studio, musicians are no longer limited to a stationary location. Although high-quality recordings are still best achieved on a computer, editing, processing, and arranging can now be done from anywhere using virtual instruments.

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