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Amped Studio is an online sequencer for songwriters, arrangers, beatmakers, producers and sound engineers. It provides a working environment for composing, recording, editing and processing musical material. This is simple and convenient software for composers that does not require downloading and installing on a computer. All its components are located on the server and run remotely via an Internet browser.

Amped Studio functionality

Midi editor. It is one of the main tools of any composer software. If you have a midi keyboard, record the midi track live. Otherwise, it is always possible to draw notes with a pencil on the editor grid. Another way is to take a ready-made midi pattern from the library as a basis and modify it. And for the melody to sound, connect a synthesizer from the Amped Studio kit.

Virtual instruments. This composer software provides users with synthesizers, samplers and a drum machine. Use ready-made presets or customize your sound with oscillators. Samplers offer a wide range of live instrument emulations: pianos, guitars, violins, organs, basses, and more. A drum machine with 12 pads and several sets of drum samples is responsible for writing drum parts in software for composers.

Library of sounds and patterns. With Amped Studio, you don’t have to use any tools at all. Drag and drop loops onto tracks and make the arrangement with them. The composer software provides the user with separate sounds, audio loops and midi patterns. If you can’t come up with a drawing of a melody, just take a file from the library and transform it to your liking. This will tell you where to find inspiration.

Effects. Composers’ software helps you not only make a melody and arrange it. Virtual instruments will make it sound quality and beautiful. Compress the bass and it immediately becomes the powerful foundation of the song. Put some reverb on the guitars, and they will reveal all their colors. The composer software includes many other processing effects: delay, chorus, distortion, etc.

VST support. If you are not satisfied with the samplers and processing that are included in Amped Studio, connect your VST plugins. You need to download a small application for your computer, and the composer software will include all the VSTs that are on your hard drive. Now you can combine the Amped Studio toolkit with your favorite synths, reverbs and equalizers.

Audio recording and editing. Composers’ software can do without plugins and a midi editor. But recording from external sources and cutting audio clips is a must for any sequencer. Musicians who are accustomed to working with traditional methods are able to create a beautiful composition with two buttons: record and cut. Set the tempo you want, turn on the metronome and just record your music.

Workspace. Thanks to the multitrack format, the composer software makes it possible to create rich arrangements. For each track, the volume level is set and the automation is prescribed. So you can balance and work with the dynamics of the composition. You can also apply effects to each track and automate individual fixture adjustments. Plus, like any composer software, there are Mute and Solo buttons.

Some of the benefits of Amped Studio

Mobility and cross-platform. This sequencer opens on laptop, Chromebook and stationary computer. This makes it possible to compose music on the road, on a walk, in a cafe or at work during a break. Open your composer software via a web browser and start creating. The site is supported by both Windows and macOS. No free hard disk space required.

Collective production mode. Amped Studio allows you to work on one project at the same time from multiple computers. Even if your team is scattered all over the world, you do not need to upload parts to a file sharing service, install the same software for composers, or coordinate tracks. Everyone does their own thing, and the rest of the team watch his work.

Melody recognition function. Amped Studio transforms an audio file into a midi part in two clicks. If you don’t have a midi keyboard and don’t want to get stuck in the midi editor for a long time, just hum the melody through the microphone. Then right click on the recorded clip, the composer software will prompt you to do “Detect Hum” or “Detect Beatbox”. The first option will turn the voice into midi notes, the second will make a drum part out of it, if you imitated drums with your voice.

Amped Studio gives you the opportunity to practice composing without interrupting your daily activities. Whenever you have an interesting musical idea in your head, take out your laptop, open the composer software, and sketch. Later, you can return to the project on your computer and turn it into a finished piece of music.

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