Sound recording

Sound recording

Amped Studio is a comprehensive virtual studio for sound recording and music making that is ideal for music enthusiasts and anyone interested in creating music. Our application eliminates the need to purchase expensive software or rent time in a professional studio for recording vocals or arrangements. With Amped Studio, you can record your music from the comfort of your home by connecting to your computer or laptop, opening your browser, and clicking “Record.” Additionally, Amped Studio can serve as a standard voice recorder for everyday use.

Benefits of Amped Studio

  • Mobility. The advantage of using Amped Studio is its mobility and the fact that all data is stored on cloud servers, eliminating the need to install any software on your computer and freeing up its resources;
  • Extensive editing options. Amped Studio offers extensive editing options, allowing you to professionally process each recorded file using a wide range of modern sound engineering tools, such as cutting, automation, effects, equalization, compression, and more;
  • VST support. Amped Studio offers support for VST technology, which enables users to connect third-party plug-ins for sound processing, in addition to the built-in effects and instruments;
  • Group work on the project. Collaboration is made easy on Amped Studio as you can share your project with others and allow them to make their own edits online. This allows for efficient group work where one person can work on the vocals, another on the drums, a third on the melody, and so on. With each person having their own profile, several people can work on a track simultaneously without any issues;
  • Processing. The studio allows you to edit and process audio files recorded with various effects within the application.

What are the requirements for sound recording?

To start recording sound, all you need is a laptop and a microphone. When connected to the computer, the microphone is automatically detected by the program. To begin recording, you simply need to create an audio track within the application and press the record button to initiate the process.

Hum & Beatz

Hum & Beatz is a fascinating device that enables audio signals to be converted into MIDI. It is particularly helpful for those who lack musical notation and instrumental abilities. You can simply hum a melody into a microphone and record it as an audio file. The plugin then detects the tonality of the recorded sound and converts it into a MIDI signal. You can connect a synthesizer or sampler to the resulting MIDI track and play notes with a chosen sound.

Enhancing sound recordings with audio effects

There are several ways to process the resulting audio file after recording:

  • Cropping. You can adjust the length of each audio file using the sequencer to fit it to the desired size;
  • Automation. It is possible to automate all processing parameters such as sound and effects, often using smooth volume increase and decrease;
  • Equalization. Special plug-ins known as equalizers can be utilized to adjust the frequency levels, including high, medium, and low;
  • Reverb. Adding reverb effect to the audio to create a more dynamic and spacious sound;
  • Compression. One of the processing techniques is to apply dynamic range compression to smooth out volume spikes and make the sound more consistent and pleasant to the ear;
  • Delay. The audio effect of a delay or echo with a repeating fade;
  • Distortion. One of the techniques used in rock music is intentionally distorting the sound by applying a hard amplitude limit to it. This effect is most commonly associated with electric guitars.

This is the most commonly used technique. Additionally, there are various other effects available such as choruses, flangers, phasers, overdrives, modulations, and more, but these are generally more specific in their application.

Amped Studio Features

Amped Studio enables anyone to produce music, regardless of their level of experience. The program is designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing beginners to quickly familiarize themselves with its features.

This online sequencer provides a range of tools including sound recording, a multi-channel mixer, various effects and instruments, a MIDI interface, audio editing capabilities, a library of samples, and more. All of these features make it possible for users to create professional-quality music.

Data storage and security

The Amped Studio application stores projects and files on its servers, ensuring complete confidentiality and security of your work. Only you have access to your files, and you can save the finished files to your device. Additionally, the Amped Studio framework includes a marketplace where you can sell your tracks.

Group work on a project

Collaborating with remote musicians is becoming increasingly common nowadays. You may have a great drummer in one location, a talented vocalist in another, an excellent instrumentalist in a third, and a sound engineer in yet another.

Amped Studio has a very useful feature for this scenario. All project files are stored remotely, and each participant can access them at any time to make changes. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of working on a musical composition, making it much more convenient. Moreover, the work can be carried out almost entirely online, allowing for real-time collaboration among team members.

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