Stems format

Stems format

Stems is a unique multi-track audio file format in which various elements of a track are split into separate tracks, for example, bass, drums, melody, vocals. This implementation significantly expands creative opportunities for DJs, producers, sound engineers. Now it becomes much easier to mix mixes, create various remixes and mashups.

For producers

For music producers, Stems makes it easier to create new tracks using elements from other musicians’ compositions. In addition, this format allows you to attract the attention of as many DJs to your track as possible, who are much more comfortable working with it than with traditional WAV or MP3. It becomes much easier to synchronize drums, mix bass and synthesizer parts, in general, the work of producing and djing becomes much easier.

For labels

By placing their tracks on various trading platforms additionally in the Stems format, the label gets the opportunity to increase its profits and recognition. More convenient work with individual parts of the track, makes it easier for DJs and producers to work, which makes the Stems format more practical and popular for these categories of buyers.

In addition, the separate sale of bass, drums, melodies and vocals will attract more remix makers who will create their tracks using your music, which will make them even more recognizable.

For developers

Steam is an open music format. Its support can be implemented in any software or hardware. Each developer can get access to the Stem libraries and specifications to integrate it into their tools, players, DAWs, etc.

Where can I buy Stems files

The most popular sites where you can buy audio files in the format Beatport, Juno, Traxsource, Whatpeopleplay, Bleep. You can also find the Stems files in our marketplace. There several types of audio products that contains Stems of particular track.

Visit our marketplace and follow to a Song Starters tab.

Song Starters is a unique type of product provided for music creators by Jamband and Amped Studio. There you can find series of Song Starters in various genres. Song Starter is a single track that is ready to be used as a completed production or user is able to adapt, remix, transform and build his track upon a Song starter. All Song Starters are created at sample source level so individual track level adjustments and panning will improvement the overall sound picture. Perfect for any type of social media and content creators, for any purpose, even commercially. Share copy and redistribute in any media or format. Since you get it use as inspiring starter or as a completed song with license that covers all your needs.

Song Starters contains stems of a particular track that can be previewed in the studio. Select a tune on you choice open a product page there click on “Preview as Stem Project”.

Preview as Stem Project Selected song opens in preview mode in Amped Studio with stems in the arrangement.

Amped Studio with stems in the arrangement

Stems Project – Stems are available for preview in the arrangement of Amped Studio as a Stem Project of the Track. Stems of the current product (Track) are included in the content of the product under specific license type. After purchase Stems Project is available with full functionality and control over stems in Amped Studio, also as zip archive file. Archive with stems is available for download to the desktop.

After purchase a Song Starter product Buyer able to access all elements of the product under his user account profile. Open a “Purchases“ tab, find a purchased product, open “Stems Project” or download zip archive with stems to desktop, and all other elements that were included in the product.

Stems Project

After purchase “Stem Project” opens in Amped Studio in Hight and Lower Quality depends on users need. All limitations are removed enabling all features of the studio according to Buyers subscription plan: volume controls, mute/unmute stems, add Fx, add other music elements to the composition using Amped Studio Instruments and etc.

Individual stems of the product also appear under the Buyer account in the Studio Library/My Products/Song starters/Product title.

Product title

To search more stems you can also visit Custom Product tab.
This type of products by Amped Studio users and provide a lot of interesting features and elements within a particular product. From Mp3, WAV version of a Track to a complete “Amped Studio Projects”, Stems of a track, or a Sound Pack for particular track including 3rd party DAW projects that. All these elements can be included by author into one product under specific license type and available for user after purchase.

Go to the card of the track of interest:

Marktplace track

Click “Preview” in the “Stems Project” tab:

Stems Project

In the window that opens, we observe the Stem-project, with which we can continue to work:

Opened Stems Project

Stems can be also found at Amped Studio Marketplace at Loops and Samples tab as a part of particular Soundpacks.

Look for a product you interested in by Genre or Title.
Open a product page and check what’s inside, whether stems are included into the product.

Open a product page

Such product audio content can be only previewed at the particular product page, in the list of included samples under the Artwork. Elements included in the product also appear under the Buyer account after purchase in the Studio Library/My Products/ Product title and available for download to desktop.

Where is Stems used?

Film dubbing

Preparing a separate mix is of great importance when scoring films. Speech, musical accompaniment, sound effects are the components of the final mix, which is superimposed on the video sequence. The use of separate audio files in dubbing allows, for example, to change the language of the dialogue, the sound background can be transferred from stereo to mono or, conversely, to adapt to different sound systems, and the music can be changed to give it the necessary emotional content.

Most often in films, dialogue changes. This is of course necessary for broadcasting in different countries, as well as for creating trailers.

Live Sound Mixing

Instruments can sound different in different rooms and under different conditions. When an artist or band performs live, it is often necessary to supplement the live instruments with recordings or a backing track. At some concerts, there are several sound engineers behind the scenes, each of which is responsible for different groups of instruments (strings, percussion, bow, etc.). Stems in this regard allow you to split tracks into separate groups of instruments with different sounds. Next, the sound engineer needs to mix them in such a way that they sound in maximum harmony with the whole mix.

Studio mixing

When a mix is broken down into its individual components, it is easier for the engineer to mix it by itself. This is important, since the production process is most often structured as follows: the producer creates an overall picture of the track with the idea and instruments; then he gives the mix to the sound engineer for mixing; and the last stage is mastering or final processing. During mixing, the sound engineer sets the volume of each instrument and distributes them over the panorama, and without dividing them into different files, this would be impossible to do. The process of creating a remix is built on the same principle.

Stems for sale

Recently, it has become widespread among producers to sell licenses for beats to performers. Stems is also very popular in this regard. In this way, the split mix becomes easier to adjust to the vocals and create the final composition.

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