What is spectrum analyzer in music

Spectrum analyzer

A spectrum analyzer is a device designed to detail and study the audio spectrum. In the context of music education and performance, this device is invaluable for analyzing various aspects of sound, including its frequency, amplitude and spectral profile, which promotes deep understanding and improvement of musical skills.

What is a spectrum analyzer?

A spectrum analyzer is a tool designed to study and measure a variety of frequency attributes of sound. This tool provides a visual representation of the spectrum of an audio wave, allowing you to identify its key components. Using a spectrum analyzer, you can observe the presence of certain frequencies in sound and their amplitude levels.

How to use a spectrum analyzer on an instrument?

  1. Find the right spectrum analyzer for your musical instrument. There are many different programs and applications available on the market that offer spectral analysis functions. Another option is to use spectral analysis equipment that can be connected directly to the instrument;
  2. Prepare your musical instrument and tune it carefully. Check that the instrument is in the correct tuning and ready to play. Adjust volume and sound quality for the most accurate results;
  3. Launch your spectrum analyzer and start playing the instrument. The ability to visualize in real time will give you the opportunity to observe the spectrum of the sound wave as you play. A variety of programs and applications can offer different ways to display spectrum, including graphs, charts, and spectrograms;
  4. Examine the data received from the spectrum analyzer. Pay attention to the frequency response, amplitude, and overall spectral profile of the sound. Using a spectrum analyzer will help you determine which elements of the sound need improvement and which sound aspects should be minimized;
  5. Apply the analyzed data to improve your instrument playing skills. The information obtained through the spectrum analyzer can be used to develop and perform specific exercises, as well as to adjust your playing technique. For example, you can focus on improving the reproduction of certain frequencies or improving the attack of notes to achieve better sound quality;
  6. Learn a variety of ways to play the instrument. A spectrum analyzer will be a valuable tool in understanding how an instrument’s sounds differ when using different playing techniques. This analyzer can be used to examine the effects of different fingerpicking techniques, unique pick techniques, and trying out different chords and scales.

Understanding that a spectrum analyzer is only one tool for studying and analyzing sound is extremely important. It cannot replace an ear for music and professional skill in playing an instrument. Its main goal is to provide more accurate analysis and visualization of sound characteristics, which contributes to a deep understanding of their nature.

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