Amped Studio 2.2.3 Update

Update Amped Studio 2.2.3

November 8, 2019


  • Input Monitoring. Listen to the mic or line input of your audio interface in the studio.
  • Latency compensation. Studio now automatically compensate for latency when recording audio or MIDI.
  • Latency calibration. To get even better latency compensation for your computer.


  • Drumpler, VOLT and VOLT Mini now respond to MIDI note velocity changes for more dynamic expressions.
  • Adjust velocity sensitivity per pad in Drumpler or per envelope in VOLT and VOLT Mini.
  • VOLT and VOLT Mini envelopes now allow you to adjust the curve of Attack, Decay and Release.
  • Track limit increased to infinity! Add as many Tracks as your computer can handle.
  • Premium users can now update their saved presets. Make a change, enter the same name and overwrite.


  • Fixed an issue with piano roll displaying incorrectly when opening/resizing the velocity panel.
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