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Making pop music

Making pop music

Did you know that non-professionals created many of the songs “stuck” in the head? In the age of Internet, literally everyone is able to make a melodic motive with the imposition of an easy-to-remember verbal chorus, put it on one of the popular websites, and after a while wake up famous.

Good vocals, correctly selected rhythm and drums, “corrosive” melody, a slight hype around the track are desirable to make pop music, and now the chats, the appearance of the first fans, and the recognition of professional performers are looming.

We will show you how to get started writing your first pop song in this article. We will analyze the process step by step, recommend suitable software, and give advice on producing your creativity.

What is needed to make pop music?

The most important thing is that literally everyone can make a cool song. Those with a specialized education, skills and a good understanding of trends (as well as contemporary pop music in general) have a slightly higher chance of success.

But this is optional. Pop sphere is characterized by a wide entrance “threshold” in comparison with other genres. Classical music education is definitely not a direct condition for writing a pop hit. It is believed that it interferes with writing uncomplicated and light motives.

Here is what you must have to make a pop track:

  • computer;
  • software;
  • midi keyboard;
  • microphone.

What is a hit pop track?

Let’s figure it out. This melody, as a rule, sounds from the speakers of passing cars. The composition is shown in YouTube trends. Tiktokers add it to their videos. Young people (and not only) are intently looking for a singer in Shazam, after which they urgently install the melody on their smartphone ringtone.

Do you want the same success? Then you should know about the nuances of creating such a track. Here are some of the main features.

  1. Pop music is not limited by conventions. You can make completely different melodies;
  2. You will need to use all your creative potential to create an original song;
  3. An excellent option is improvisation with the “Rec” button on;
  4. Less excuses. No “tomorrow” and “later”. Start creating now;
  5. Do not go for a perfect arrangement. You can grind the track ad infinitum.

Why pop music?

This is the most widespread musical genre. It is the easiest way to become famous, to make money. Popular music and pop music are often taken synonymously. Parts of the words even sound the same, and pop is short for popular.

In addition, fewer skills are required to be creative and create an original composition that will sound for many people on repeat. Many elements from other genres are found in pop music. Therefore, we recommend this particular genre for creativity.

Basically, these are short songs (about 3 minutes), written in a simple structure (1-2 verses and several choruses), a melodic well-remembered motive, as well as so-called penetrating the memory “hooks”.

Where to begin?

The process is divided conventionally into several blocks. At the same time, all people are different. The process of making pop music is, in most cases, completely non-linear. There is no rule: how to write pop music correctly. Anyone is wrong who claims that the vocals are recorded first, then superimposed on the melody, and only then the drums are added. In fact, everything “works” in a completely different way. In the process of working on the composition, you yourself will determine the algorithm that suits you personally. It depends on your specific creativity and process feel.

We only outline the main stages of creating music, describing each of them. By the way, let us move on to one of them.

Motive (melody)

Probably the main element of a pop song is the melody. First, you need to make pop chords. Most of the popular motifs have a standard sequence of 3-4 repeating chords. Their sequence can be very different. The main thing is a simple and melodic sound. This simplification rule is not necessary at all. As you make music, you can add great notes and chords from a certain progression; however, this requires certain musical skills. In this way, your melody will acquire dissimilarity and originality.

Drums and percussion

Rhythm is an essential element of any music track including in the pop genre. Basically, the bitrate ranges from 90-130 bpm. It is important to pay attention to the bit when making pop music. The rhythm and speed of the song depends on it. It is important to use soft, rather background drums. Choose the right instrument, adjust the key. Once you have decided on the rhythm, how much easier it is to combine the other elements.


Many people forget about the bass line. However, it makes the composition deeper, more expressive and more distinct. Bass should not “break” the speakers. They are added for better sound. For example, in high-quality music systems, a track with a suitable bass track sounds completely different than without it. Do not forget that your future track will sound on the dance floors of nightclubs and discos. Therefore, in terms of bass, you will have to borrow something from hip-hop style. It should be reasonably simple and repetitive.


The melody is important, but the voice of the singer is equally important. It should sound clear, combined with a musical motive. Today, even in an improvised home studio with a high-quality microphone, you can achieve an impressive result. If you do not know how to write a pop song, just start humming the tune in your head and record that song. Using special applications and programs, it can be converted into a MIDI file, and then transferred to any of the instruments. Practice with one audio track. After that, be sure to layer a few of them in different keys and be amazed at the effect.

Song structure

Making pop music should start with simple motives. The simpler the melody, the more likely it is “stuck” in the head of the audience. Fewer elements allow you to achieve high-quality sound – especially due to inexperience. This option is easier to mix, add sound effects. One of the best ways to understand the structure of a track is to study the creativity of your favorite performers. Listen to the sound, highlight audio tracks, analyze how vocals, bass, drums, effects are added.

We mentioned the immediate structure above: 1-2 verses and several choruses. A common mistake is adding a large number of instruments, sounds, samplers. On the contrary, one should strive for economy. The fewer musical parts in your track, the better. The vocals in no way should “argue” with the sound. For example, the melody should not drown out the voice and vice versa. Simple rules but how many people break them.

How to make a radio hit?

The tips for creating and producing pop music are different for each singer. This is due to the peculiarity of creativity, the massive nature of the phenomenon and this musical genre, in particular. There is no unique formula helping you to make a hit. Otherwise, all the melodies would be equally famous, and the chats would consist of tens of thousands of songs. Trends and features of a specific period of time, a geographic region – also have not been canceled.

Your goal should be to make a melodic song that will interest your listeners. Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Constantly be in the trend of pop culture. Study and listen carefully to popular songs. Determine the reason for their popularity. Listen to a lot of music and shape your musical taste;
  • Trust your taste and instincts. Your creativity should be free from prejudice and artificial restrictions;
  • Your track should please you first of all;
  • Do not reinvent the “wheel”. Most of the songs in pop music are simple and catchy melodies. They sound equally new and familiar;
  • When mixing music, you should achieve excellent sound on all playback systems (including stereo headphones);
  • Mass audience “consumes” the most unpretentious and easy to remember compositions.

This will make the song popular and sound good. In this case, an example is appropriate that a neutral (universal) repair in a house significantly increases the chances of renting or selling it. Your track should be clear, melodic, without harsh sounding and repulsive effects. In this case, one should strive not to merge with the mass. Be original and unique.

Creating pop music online

Anyone can start creating hit tracks. This requires a little music production equipment and desire. We offer to mix the track in one of the most popular and affordable applications – Amped Studio program. It is a program that does not require installation and runs directly in the browser. There is a large number of instruments, samplers and effects to help you. You can add your friends and colleagues to the project – work together on a future pop hit. Simple and intuitive interface, tutorial videos will help you make your composition cooler.

Get started making music today!

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