Automation adds life to your tracks!

Automation adds life to your tracks 1

Automation is one of the most effective tools to add life to your tracks and make them more interesting. With automation you can control parameters of instruments and effects and change how they sound over time. Let us give you an example in Amped Studio.

Here we have a simple bassline using two VOLT Mini synthesizers, without any automation. It has a nice sound but could definitely be more interesting.

Here we have the same bassline but now with automation of several parameters. Now this is a lot more interesting! Open the project here if you are interested.

Add parameters

To add automation in Amped Studio you click the automation icon on a Track. By default you have Volume and Pan automation available, but we want to add automation for VOLT Mini. Click ”Add parameters…” to add more things to automate.


On the left side you see the available devices on the track, in this case VOLT Mini. On the right side you have all available parameters for the selected device. Click the checkbox of a parameter and it will be added to the automation menu. Close the parameter window when you are done and then click the automation icon again and then select the parameter you want to automate.

The Track in the arrangement will switch it’s view and you can now click and drag automation points and create curves that controls the parameter over time. Here’s what some of them look like for our baseline example.

Automation baseline example

If you would like to use the example we made here, feel free to use this shared project!

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