Amped Studio is Now a PWA

Amped Studio Progressive Web App 2

What´s a PWA? PWA is short for “Progressive Web App” and it allows web apps to function like desktop apps. You can install the Amped Studio icon to your desktop to launch the studio directly AND more importantly, you can go offline and still work with Amped Studio. Once you have downloaded the web-based assets like loops from the library or virtual instruments that load sounds like the GM Synth or Drumpler into Amped Studio, you can go offline and the preloaded content is available to use. You can also record offline and save locally or go back online and save to your Amped cloud account.

(Offline mode):

Progressive Web App Progressive Web App

Working and saving offline alleviates any fears about losing work if your internet goes down.

For more information on Amped Studio as a PWA check this video tutorial:

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