VST/Remote Beta release

VST/Remote Beta release 4

We are very happy to announce that Amped Studio is world’s first online DAW that allows you to use VST synths and effects in your projects. We have just released the beta-version of this new experimental feature for you to check and play with.

You can finally use your own collection of VST plugins (synths or effects) to create the music you want in Amped Studio.

To use it you need to go to the Studio, add ‘VST/Remote Beta’ in Device Chain, install the host app (just once) and open VST of your choice.

Step 1: Add ‘VST/Remote Beta’ in Device Chain’:

Add VST/Remote Beta

Step 2: Install VST host (just once):

Install VST host

Install VST/Remote Beta

Step 3: Start the app:

Start the app

Step 4: Go back to Amped Studio and select your VST plugin:

select your VST plugin

You’re ready to rock!

VST plugin ready

As you might expect from VSTs, you can play it with your MIDI-keyboard, drop MIDI clips from the Library, choose presets and save projects. There are still limitations and currently you can only use one VST at a time.

We are still working on improving this feature, but it would be very helpful if you give us some feedback, so we know we are moving in the right direction. You can always contact us directly clicking ‘CONTACT US’ button in the Studio.


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