Chorus effect

Chorus effect

In brief, the chorus effect can make one instrument sound like two instruments are playing at the same time. This gives your sound a rich, full, shimmery tone.

Chorus pedals and multi-effects modify the original signal from a guitar, bass, or other instrument by adding a second sound with a slight delay and subtle pitch differences. The effect is similar to the ringing, chiming sounds that 12-string guitars naturally produce due to their paired strings, which vary slightly in pitch and timing. On electric instruments such as guitars, chorus sounds like the same signal passing through two amplifiers with very little delay between them and a very subtle difference in pitch.

We will tell you in this article more about the chorus effect, how it works and where it is applied.

Working principle

The signal is divided into two cases for this result this effect, while the first one does not change, and the second is on a delay. It is delayed up to 30 ms, while the time will depend of the low frequency generator. During the exit, both signals are connected. At the same time, time is not modulated in it and the signal is delayed, and various up to 3 Hz are expected inside. Different chorus effect signals are obtained at the output by changing the parameters and oscillations in the generator.

Chorus characteristics

Specific voices can often be distinguished during a choral performance. They can differ not only in timbre, but also have subtle differences in tone. Like a choir, the first chorus effect was created specifically to emulate that sound for a single instrument or melody. For example, when one musician plays the guitar, but receives the sound of several guitars at once. Thanks to the chorus effect, you can get a “fat” sound online, without the need to invite other musicians or use a backing track.

However, this approach, in which the input signal is repeated with a change in the delay time, can not always be called successful, since even a beginner will quickly understand that the musical instrument was passed through a chorus effect or plug-in, and there is no simultaneous sound of different guitars in the recording at all.

The thing is that the signal is distorted under the influence of a periodic change in the delay time. In this case, the output signal can increase or decrease the frequency based on vibrations, which changes the pitch. An example is the operation of an analog tape recorder, in which the sound begins to “float” due to a change in the speed of the tape or disk. Sometimes you can even clearly hear how the delay frequency changes. The strength of the distortion will depend on the height of the frequencies in the generator.

Note that even with all the minuses of the chorus, this effect has gained great popularity among music producers precisely because of its unusual sound when processing tracks. The sound becomes richer with the chorus effect, it gets additional volume and can complement other parts of the musical work.

Stereo chorus

Stereo chorus consists of two monophonic chorus effects. Their signal diverges along the channel by 90 degrees. This leads to the so-called “spatial” sound. We add that modern technologies have made it possible to create a stereo chorus, which produces spatial sound reproduced by the speakers independently of each other and in turn.

Chorus parameters

Speaking about chorus effects, it is worth considering their following parameters:

  • Depth – is responsible for what range the change in the frequency of delays has.
  • Velocity – how quickly the “floating” of the sound changes. Its adjustment is carried out using a generator at low frequencies.
  • Balancing – parameters of two signals.

Applying Chorus

Chorus is better when used as an effect that complements the music, since its use as a chorus or polyphony for instruments or vocals does not make sense.

Chorus is often used for vocals, guitar or synthesizer parts. Thanks to this effect, the sound acquires density and juiciness. In addition, the sound begins to expand and becomes warmer.

It is worth adding that the chorus effect is used actively as an addition to other plug-ins. However, you should not use it excessively, as this can make the voices in the track unintelligible, as well as “clog” the soundtrack.


Chorus effect is a fairly powerful and popular tool that can greatly improve the quality of your tracks if used correctly. Every producer who wants to reach a new level in his work should know and apply it where necessary. It is not necessary to have expensive equipment or rent a place in the studio nowadays. You will find a chorus effect and many other plug-ins and tools for creating quality music for beginners and professionals alike in Amped Studio, available online right from your laptop. You only need internet access to use this software. In addition, you can share your work with friends around the world in just a few clicks and work with colleagues on the same track.

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