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Make a remix online

Make a remix online

Remixing has become a popular way for musicians and producers to express their creative identities and bring a fresh perspective to existing compositions. However, it is necessary to remember about the protection of copyrights and right holders. It’s important to make sure you have permission to make remix online from the original copyright holder before posting your creative interpretation.

If you’re just getting started on your remixing journey, the official competitions on the internet can be a good place to start. Such competitions provide an opportunity to access remix materials with the appropriate permissions to use.

If you decide to process the song yourself and share your creation on popular services, be sure to provide information about the copyright holders. It’s also a good idea to disable monetization to ensure that once you’ve made a song remix, it won’t be used commercially without proper permission.
However, it is important to understand that if other users decide to use your remix in any projects or compilations, they will be responsible for copyright compliance.

One of the most important components of a remix is the melody. Choosing the right key and tempo is a key aspect that determines the success of your work. Especially for beginners, who may not have enough experience in determining the key of a track, it is important to exercise caution. In such cases, creating arrangements based on the original track may be a safer choice.

To facilitate the process of determining the tempo and tone of a track, there are special online services such as Beatport. Here you can find information about the tempo and timbre of the tracks, which will help you harmonize your remix with the original. You can also use the Beats Premium online service to help you determine the beat of a song by syncing your BPM button press to the music.

Remember that creativity is a beautiful and inspiring activity, and remixing is a great way to bring your unique energy to the world of music. However, always be vigilant about copyrights and use available resources to make your own music even better and safer for all its participants.

Don’t forget to experiment when remix a song!

The Amped Studio online beat maker offers an amazing variety of sound effects that allow musicians and producers to unleash their creativity. Experimenting with different effects will help you figure out which ones can be used effectively in different parts of a song. Filters, choruses, delays, equalizers, reverbs, amplitude, frequency and more – each effect provides unique opportunities to enrich the sound of your music.

Such sound experiments allow you to discover unique sounds that suit your tastes and in doing so enhance your listening experience. Playing with different settings and combinations of effects expands your arsenal of creative tools and helps improve your hearing.

However, don’t forget that when you make remix online, it’s important to keep your originality. Use unique elements that will help your style stand out and become recognizable. At the same time, keep the characteristics of the original composition, if you like, so that your remix will be in harmony with the original material.

One easy way to make a remix online is to change the rhythmic feel of the original composition. When creating a new drum pattern for a remix, you can easily change the rest of the drum parts to match the new rhythm while maintaining the harmonic structure of the original, if that suits your remix idea.

  1. Choose the right DAW for remixing. Amped Studio remix maker has everything you need to make full-fledged musical compositions. Further in the article, we will describe in more detail the tools of our online studio;
  2. Respect copyright – do not forget that using someone else’s work without the consent of the author can lead to legal problems. If you want to make remixes online without copyright infringement, enter official competitions or credit the copyright holders if you publish a track on platforms like YouTube or Soundcloud. It is important to turn off monetization and indicate that the materials are not used for commercial purposes;
  3. Use quality materials – a good remix starts with good source material and stems to work with. Look for high-quality audio stocks on specialized websites that offer track subgroups divided by instrument type, such as drums, bass, vocals, melodies and synths;
  4. Know the tempo and key of the original track – make sure you know the tempo and key of the original track before you start remixing;
  5. Write down your ideas – write down your thoughts and ideas while listening to the original composition. This will help you keep inspired and develop your arrangement. Experiment and add your own personality to make the remix unique;
  6. Bring your own personality – don’t be afraid to change the source material and bring your own creative solutions. Add new elements, make sound effects and bring your own style to the remix;
  7. Simplify Arrangement – Focus on simplicity in arranging, especially if you’re making electronic dance music. Simple arrangements are often more effective for DJs and grab listeners’ attention;
  8. Emphasize the style of the original track – keep the main elements of the original song to emphasize its style and attract the attention of fans of the original;
  9. Don’t blindly follow trends – don’t follow popular styles, rather develop your own unique approach and style;
  10. Check your mixes in mono – before mastering, check your mix in mono to make sure there are no phasing issues and sound equally good on all devices.

Basic tools in Amped Studio for creating remixes


A powerful core of Amped Studio online mashup maker providing a digital multi-track audio sequencer. This tool allows musicians to organize and manage various audio and MIDI snippets in their project. With it, you can make complex compositions, arrangements and remixes. An intuitive interface and many features make working with the sequencer in Amped Studio easy and enjoyable.

MIDI editor

Browser MIDI editor allows musicians to edit MIDI notes and controllers. You can make and modify melodies, chords, arpeggios, and other MIDI data. Amped Studio’s flexible MIDI editing capabilities give you complete control over the sound of instrumental parts and open up endless creative possibilities.

Audio editor

The online audio editor in Amped Studio provides an extensive set of tools for working with audio files. You can cut, copy, paste, adjust the volume, apply effects and processing. This allows musicians to edit and enhance audio recordings, as well as mix and master, while maintaining the original sound quality.

VST plugins

Amped Studio supports the use of VST plugins, making it even more powerful and flexible. VST plugins provide access to a wide range of virtual instruments and effects that can be integrated into projects. From virtual synths and samplers to a variety of audio effects, VST plugins give musicians endless possibilities for creating unique sounds and settings.


The online drum machine in Amped Studio is a tool for creating drum tracks and rhythm sections. A great collection of percussive sounds and a simple drum machine interface allow musicians to quickly make exciting and energetic rhythmic compositions.


HumBeatz is a unique feature in Amped Studio that gives you the ability to make music with your voice. Just whistle tunes, sing along to rhythms, or just sing along, and HumBeatz will automatically convert your voice to MIDI data. This is a surprisingly interesting and exciting way to bring your musical ideas to life and discover new creative solutions.

Online piano

Amped Studio provides a built-in online piano that allows musicians to play online piano keyboards right in the browser. It’s a handy tool for quick ideas and batch creation. The online piano makes it easier to work with MIDI keys and contributes to a more efficient creative process.


The recorder in Amped Studio allows you to record audio and MIDI data with minimal effort. You can easily record your ideas, live instrumental performances or vocals, making the process of creating music more fun and intuitive.

Chord Progression Generator

The Chord Sequence Generator is an indispensable tool for those who are looking for new harmonic ideas. This tool allows you to make interesting chord progressions and experiment with the harmony of your music, which contributes to diversity and originality in your compositions.


To start to make a remix online, the track should be divided into separate parts or bases. This can be done in the program by importing music tracks and selecting the desired areas on the chart. This allows you to conveniently work with each component of a piece of music and edit them independently.

Add your sounds

An important step in making a remix is adding your own elements. You can change the overall mood of a song or introduce a whole new rhythm, giving the track a unique and original feel. This will help to express your creative personality and make a special atmosphere in music.

Track parsing

To facilitate the work, it is necessary to divide the track into parts with melodies and rhythmic elements, as well as cut loops. This can be done by selecting them in the program and, if necessary, lengthening or shortening. It’s also important to pay attention to reverb and crash cymbal sounds to trim them neatly and ensure natural-sounding loops.

Editing and adding tracks

You can combine different tracks, overdub and add new elements to the remix. Amped Studio online remix generator provides the ability to open files in additional editor tabs, making it easier to manipulate remix elements.

Applying effects

Amped Studio has a wide range of effects for sound processing. You can use changing the tempo, changing the tone, adding different sounds and reverb, automating the volume and other parameters, as well as equalizing to make a unique remix sound.

Track conversion

Once you’ve completed your remix, you can export it in WAV format to preserve the high quality of the sound, or publish it directly to your profile on the program’s website to share your composition with the audience. Amped Studio provides a simple and intuitive interface that makes remixing a pleasure even for beginners.

Remix promotion

In the world of today’s music industry, building an attractive professional website is a necessary step for a successful career. Your site should contain all the necessary elements: links to your music, a detailed biography, high-quality images, and up-to-date tour dates. Beyond that, however, don’t forget the importance of including a mailing list subscription form.

A large mailing list is the golden key to attracting and retaining an audience. Start a mailing list to keep your fans up to date with all the latest news, releases and upcoming concerts. With regular newsletters, you will be able to maintain active engagement with your audience and build strong bonds with your fans.

In order to promote your remixes and music, an active social media presence must be included in your strategy. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and other platforms will allow you to expand your audience and maintain constant interaction with your fans. Be consistent in your posts and make a recognizable style so that you are easy to find and remember in the vast expanse of the Internet.

Don’t forget streaming and playlists are powerful tools to promote your music. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and other platforms gather millions of listeners from all over the world. Placing your tracks on popular playlists will help attract a huge number of new fans. Take the time to make quality tracks and actively promote on streaming platforms – this will significantly expand your audience and increase your reputation in the music world.

So building a website and launching a mailing list, having an active social media presence and promoting on streaming platforms are the key steps to a successful music career. Use every means available to promote your music and keep in touch with your fans and you are sure to achieve the success you desire in the music industry.


Making remixes online on a computer is a complex and creative process that allows you to achieve the original sound of your arrangement. Let’s take a quick look at the key steps that will help you achieve high quality in your work.

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