AMPED STUDIO 2.3.2 Update

AMPED STUDIO 2.3.2 Update



November 27, 2019


  • Rename regions. Right-click the region and select Rename Region from the context menu
  • Automatic region names. Unnamed regions now automatically display the name of the Track they are placed on.


  • VOLT filter has been improved. With the new Drive parameter you can add some warmth and analog feel.
  • All parameters now support non-linear scaling. For example better control over EQ frequency, Reverb size, LFO etc.


  • Cloned MIDI loops now retain the correct region name
  • Fixed an issue where recorded or imported audio did not display region name after cloning.
  • Fixed an issue where Open project button could be pressed twice.
  • Fixed an issue where level meters got stuck after buffer size.
  • Fixed an issue where Drumpler sometimes loaded the wrong kit.
  • Fixed an error when opening the Note Editor with Velocity panel open.

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