Stuck in rut? Try Song Starter!

Song Starter

Is inspiration running low or do you need a fresh perspective? With Song Starter, you generate (almost) randomized projects which can serve as a quick, fun and simple way to start a new song. With a simple click Amped Studio will generate the project for you, with drums, bass and chord progressions ready to go!

To get started, launch Amped Studio and click the studio menu and then click New.

click New

From the new pop up click Song Starter to generate a new random project.

click Song Starter

Voila! A simple arrangement has been generated with each region labeled with the chord it is playing. Didn’t like the generated result? Then simply repeat the process as many times as you wish.

 generated a simple arrangement

Song Starter is a new feature in Amped Studio 2.3.0.

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