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2.9 Content Editor (Audio editor)

2.9.1 Introduction to Audio Editor

The Audio Editor in Amped Studio is a powerful tool that allows you to view and edit an audio waveform. You can trim, copy, paste, and move parts of the waveform, as well as apply various effects and processing.

2.9.2 Working with Audio Editor

To start working with the Audio Editor, select the audio region you want to edit and double-click on it. This will open the Audio Editor at the bottom of the Amped Studio interface. Then you can select and use any of the Audio Editor tools to edit your audio.

Working with Audio Editor

2.9.3 Using Audio Editor Tools

In the Audio Editor, you can use various tools to work with audio. These include:

  • Copy: This tool allows you to copy the selected audio section for further use.
  • Paste: Allows you to paste the previously copied audio section into a selected place.
  • Cut: Used to remove the selected audio section.
  • Trim Silence: This tool automatically trims silence at the beginning and end of the selected audio section.
  • Add Silence: Allows you to add a specified period of silence to a selected place in the audio.
  • Replace with Beep: Replaces the selected audio section with a beep sound.
  • Normalize Selected Audio: This function normalizes the selected audio section, increasing or decreasing its volume to a certain level. This can be useful for the volume level of different audio sections in your project.
  • Bounce in Place: This function converts the selected audio section into a new audio file. This can be useful if you want to save a processed audio section for further use.
  • Merge All Regions: This function merges all regions into one. This can be useful if you want to merge multiple audio sections into one file.

Using Audio Editor Tools

2.9.4 Fade In and Fade Out

These functions allow you to create smooth volume increases and decreases at the beginning and end of the selected audio section. This can be useful for creating smooth transitions and avoiding abrupt volume changes.

Fade In and Fade Out

The app interface is very simple and intuitive, which allows any beginner to easily handle it and perform the necessary actions in terms of audio editing.

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