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Track Automation

Track Automation

Automation allows you to change parameters on a Track over time. Click the automation button on a Track Panel to see the automation list. Track volume and pan are available by default.

Add parameters

Click Add parameters in the list to add more parameters to automate from the Devices placed on that Track.

Devices on that Track

In the left column are all the Devices on that Track. Select a Device and on the right side you see a list of all available parameters to automate for that Device. Click the check box of a parameter to show or hide it in the automation list.

Activate the automation

Activate the automation view by selecting a parameter in the automation list. You will see a gray line appearing over the track in the arrangement. This is the currently inactive automation line. Click the gray line or double-click above or below it to add new automation points. Add several points and click and drag these around to create your desired automation curve. Select several automation points by clicking them while holding down your Alt key. You can also click, hold and drag a selection box from above or below the automation line. Delete points by pressing backspace or delete on your keyboard.

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