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Track Inspector & Device Chain

Track Inspector & Device Chain

The Track Inspector is open by default when you launch the studio and displays the settings and devices of Track 1. Selecting a new track will display the Track Inspector and Device Chain for that track. If you have closed the Track Inspector you can open it again by double clicking a Track Panel or by clicking its toggle button in the Controls Bar.

In the Track Inspector you control the volume and pan settings of your track and you also have access to the same buttons as on the Track Panel.

The pan slider is located above the buttons and you drag it left or right to pan the audio output of the track. On the right side of the buttons you have the volume fader and level meter to control and see the currently measured volume output of the track.

In the Track Inspector you also find the Device Chain for the selected track. It is a hybrid chain where instruments and effects are added in the same place and anywhere in the chain. The audio signal is routed from left to right.

Add new devices by clicking the plus button and delete a device by selecting it and pressing backspace/delete on your computer keyboard.

You can bypass a device by clicking the power icon on it. This means the audio pass it by without being affected by that device.

Some more advanced devices like the VOLT synthesizers or Drumpler will have an EDIT button to open the full interface window for that device.

All devices also have quick access to a preset menu on the device.

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