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Track Panels

Track Panels

On the left side you find the Track Panels. The tracks in Amped Studio are what we call hybrid tracks, which means that they can play back both audio and MIDI content.

Each track has its corresponding row in the Arrangement and can contain their own instruments and effects which you add to them from the track Device Chain in the Track Inspector.

New tracks are added by clicking the plus button below the last track or by double clicking the empty track area below. A new track is also created if you drag a library region to the empty arrangement space below the last track or if you double click there to create an empty region.

On the Track Panels you find buttons for mute, solo, arm for audio or midi recording and track automation. To change the name of a track double click the name in the Track Panel.

choose your color

To change the color of a track, right-click the colored stripe on the Track Panel and choose your color. Color changes will also be reflected in waveforms, notes, in the Content Editor, knob values in the Device Chain and automation curves.

Right-click a track to bring up the context menu for that track. In the context menu you find the option to clone a track with or without regions, creating a duplicate with the same Devices and settings. From the context menu you can also choose to delete a track.

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