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Share Project

Share Project is a simple way to share what you are working on with friends or publicly. Allowing anyone to open your project, to hear it and to work with it. Sharing a project is a feature of our Premium subscription service. Anyone who receives a shared link can open the project.

Share Project


With a project open in the studio click the menu button and then select Share Project. This will open a window with a preview of the project and your sharing options. You can share the project to Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Weibo, by E-mail or copy the link and send it directly to friends or paste it anywhere else you like.

Any time you save changes to the project you shared the link will also be updated. However, the image preview will only update when you click Share Project again.


If you receive a link to a shared project simply click it and open it in a browser supported by our studio. The project will automatically load and allow you to play it, work with it and save it. If you’re a Free user then any Premium content within the project will run in a demo mode.

When you save a project shared to you a new copy is saved to your account and your changes are only visible in your copy. To share this back with your friend, click Share Project and send them the new link.


Shared With Me

Any shared project you have opened from other people will appear under the Shared With Me tab when you go to open a project from the menu. You can open them again from here or right-click them to delete.

Stop Sharing

The projects you have shared are visible from the Amped tab and marked with the share icon. To stop sharing a project right-click it and select Stop Sharing. The project link will now become invalid and no longer work.

You can also open the sharing preview window again by clicking the Preview option.

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