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XYbeatZ is a creative controller and MIDI generator to blend beats and rhythms easily. Think of it as a drummer-in-a-box. It features tons of ready-made drum beats in various genres and a big XY pad which you can use to blend seamlessly between them. You can load four different beats and create a live performance allowing you to come up with new rhythms and record it to your Amped Studio project.



To use XYbeatZ, enable MIDI recording for a track that contains the Drumpler or the GM player device with a drum kit. Then open XYbeatZ by clicking the toggle in the Controls Bar and start studio playback. Drag the square in the XY pad to change the blend of the beats.

To record the performance of XYbeatZ, press record and all of the notes will be recorded to the arrangement. After recording is stopped XYbeatZ will automatically mute, so that you can then listen to what you just recorded. Click anywhere in the XYbeatZ interface to deactivate mute and enable it again.


There are four zones in XYbeatZ, A, B, C and D, each of which can load a different beat. Click a zone button to select it. The zone will be highlighted in the XY pad where the current beat is also displayed. To load another beat to the zone, browse the list below, select a genre and then click a beat to load it.


The XY pad is used to blend the beats between the four different zones. Each zone is represented in one corner of the pad. Setting the XY pad to one corner will play only that beat and the more you drag it in between zones the more it will blend between them.


XYBeatz has 2 different modes, full kit or parts. The Full Kit mode is best suited for when you want to create a full drum kit performance, blending the entire kit between the four different beats in real time.


The Complexity slider changes the rhythmic complexity of XYbeatZ. Increasing or decreasing complexity changes the amount of drum notes played.


The Parts mode is best suited for when you want to fine tune the blend of beats. Parts mode allows you to select drum parts individually, like bass drum or snare drum, and blend them at different amounts. Click the drum name to select it and to change the XY pad for that part only.

In Parts mode you can also set the volumes individually using the velocity slider. Please note that Drumpler does not support velocity changes and you have to use GM Player with a drum kit for this feature. You can also press Solo on a part to audition only that drum sound.

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